Crossing Guard Retires Over High Fives

PUBLISHED: 12:18 AM 14 Feb 2018

Crossing Guard Retires After City Demands He Cease High Fives

Parents and students were devastated to hear he was leaving.

Crossing guards usually just stand in the middle of the road and make sure kids don't get run over. Bryan Boom attempted to motivate the kids who crossed his path, and was repaid with suspicion and an investigation.

England has allowed immigrants into the country that have created some very real problems. Among those problems are the radicalization of the youth and ‘grooming’ children, a term used to describe getting close to a child in order to sexually abuse them.

With these issues, it would seem silly to go after someone for doing something as innocent as, say, high-fiving children on their way to or from school. But that is exactly what the East Riding Council did.

Lollipop man Bryan Bloom (the Brits call them ‘lollipop’ men because of the sign) has spent two decades working as a school crossing guard in East Riding of Yorkshire, England.

Students and parents (or ‘mums’) alike remember Bryan Bloom because he high-fived the children as they walked on their way to school.

He would high-five the kids as they went to their school, Kirk Ella St Andrew’s Community Primary School, in West Hull.

At least, that’s what he enjoyed doing until the local council said that they had received ‘a number’ of complaints from parents about his behavior.

According to the council, parents in East Riding of Yorkshire, England, ‘complained’ about Bryan Bloom’s friendly conduct to the children.

More specifically, they complained that he was ‘grooming’ the children by high-fiving them.

‘Grooming’ children is a practice by which someone, usually an adult, befriends and forms an emotional attachment to a child.

The practice is done to lower the inhibitions of the child (and in some cases, of their parents) to the point where they are ripe for sexual abuse.

It is also a common practice, allegedly, for people planning to kidnap a child for sex trafficking and other sordid purposes.

In the United Kingdom (of which England is a part), they also have a concept they call ‘localized grooming.’

‘Localised grooming’ would seem to be what Bryan Bloom was accused of.

It consists of grooming children in public, on the street, and with same sordid intent as regular ‘grooming’ of children.

However, what Bryan Bloom was doing, simply providing children a friendly high-five on their way home from school, does not seem to meet any reasonable definition of ‘grooming.’

Concern with the practice of ‘grooming’ in England seems to have grown apace with the immigration of ‘refugee’ Muslims into England.

Indeed, local British outlets have run numerous stories about Muslim ‘gangs’ ‘grooming’ children in the United Kingdom since they began taking in ‘refugees’ from Islamic nations.

However, that does not mean that a simple high-five is anything for the people of East Riding of Yorkshire to worry about.

The East Riding Council’s investigation closed without upholding the complaints of ‘some’ parents. However, they warned Bloom not to high-five the children again.

In response, Bloom slammed those who had lodged complaints against him, as well as slamming political correctness that crept into society.

However, he was also thankful for those who thanked him for his two decades of making sure that children would be safe on the way home from school.

According to Bloom, “the ordinary people have come to my defense.”

He went on to say that “this political correctness has been perpetuated by a small minority of people and in the last couple of days, the majority has proved to me that. Mr. and Mrs. Ordinary are wonderful people and they don’t want this political correctness.”

However, the damage was done, and Bryan Bloom had had enough of the politically correct East Riding Council and the way that they wanted him to do his job.

On Friday, February 9, he waved his lollipop (the sign they carry) for the last time.

When asked what he would be doing with his time now, Bryan Bloom, 77-years-old, said that he would be taking a vacation for the week.

He also expressed how thankful he was for the people who came out on his final Friday as a lollipop man to give him a proper send-off.

He said that they even brought him gin, chocolates, and wine for his final day.

The saddest part of this story is that England lost a hard worker, and someone who worked not just to keep children safe, but to make sure that they would have something to look forward to.

But apparently, England is now the kind of place where someone wanting to give children a high-five is cause for an investigation into that person. The Duchess of Cambridge can high-five children and there’s no issue, but if a regular person high-fives kids, it’s grooming.

Bryan Bloom didn’t deserve those accusations, and to be frank, East Riding of Yorkshire didn’t deserve Bryan Bloom.  Hopefully, he’ll enjoy his retirement.