PUBLISHED: 5:25 PM 20 Jan 2017

Critial Point Reached As Trump Inauguration Targetted, Democrats Employ Literal Nazi Tactics


Another peaceful protest as the left stands against Trump.

When the Third Reich began its ascension to power and dominance, one of the ways that the movement recruited members was by accepting those that no one accepted. For instance, the Nazi’s formed the S.A. which not only welcomed gleefully the formally shunned and closeted homosexual community, but the S.A. was actually lead by a gay man by the name of Ernst Rohm.

While at first the S.A. collected mostly societal outcasts, in time it grew, became both “trendy” and mandatory for some, and before long the best and brightest “German specimens” began to sign up. Those best and bright are who Hitler took and formed the S.S. with; who’s very first job was to promptly kill the S.A…Rohm included.

Now news is emerging that threats are coming, likely from allegedly someone rather high up in the Directors Guild of America (DGA), sending out threats to anyone who covers anything “Trump-related.” Now, in “it can never happen here” America, someone in charge of hiring and firing those in one of the most powerful guilds in the world is sending out threats to those speaking within news, reporting, and entertainment and the left so silent that one can hear crickets chirping.

Sixty-six or more DGA members got an email calling Donald Trump a “monster that we all fear” and saying that “It is not an overstatement that he is about to destroy this country if we don’t do something about it.”

Yet another email from a second DGA member calls those who cover the inauguration event and those that voted for “Bozo the Nazi” idiots” and “a**holes”, because after all, Trump uses harsh and offensive language.

DGA Nazi Censored

The American left is destroying their own cause and are too blind to see it or to admit it.

Only after a lot of outrage has the DGA addressed the question having refused to comment as the story broke, and they claim now to be telling all staff to feel free to cover the event, as well as looking into the source. How very kind of them openly honor a God-given right to free speech, right? This may be them just covering their tracks, too but at least they did not blame Russia.

One DGA member observed that this is reminiscent of the McCarthy era, which is humorous only for the reason that it is, except this time totally backward. To explain, let us remember that the same ideals of racism and murder that Hitler exposed are the same that ISIS proclaims today, the motives are simply different.

Well by the same token, it was the left, the communists, and the socialists that McCarty went after. The fact that McCarty was totally correct in stating that there was a communist push to ruin the news and entertainment of the nation which we see today very much did happen is negated by the fact the left is allowed to exist. McCarthy did not try to warn, but silence.


This hateful image is the what the peaceful transfer of power as outlined in our nations founding documents were penned to prevent. Is this protest or a threat?

The greater irony here is that in that era, the LEFT was being bullied by the RIGHT and oh how they whined. Hollywood made more commotion and noise than the last Rihanna record at the time, and yet when it is happening today to those on the right, the Democrats are applauding – just like Rohm did when those that opposed what he stood for were silenced in Germany. While we have already covered where that lead for him, it stands to reason that we have not yet seen the worst of where this leads for those in the United States in 2017.

The left is doing far more than trying to ruin what should be, even if someone voted for another, a day that we all acknowledge the great achievement and hope of a nation that the president has earned. No one is asking anyone to agree with him.

The anti-Trump fanatics are like all fanatics who go too far and join cults after subscribing to a lie. Instead of a cult of comet watches with suicide tablets, the left and the Democrats are chin deep in the mire of socialism. They do not see that the true shadow government, CIA, UN, and even the “New World Order” as admitted by Bush Sr. are not interested in socialism, really. They don’t care about fascism or any other “ism” either, they simply want control. According to the Georgia Guidestones, they may want most of us dead, as well.


Journalists today are facing silencing (also as the Nazis, shown here, inflicted) as seen in a DGA email that seems to threaten job loss for those that support Trump.

There are plenty of reasons given for this ranging from Illuminati guidance, Satan/Saturn worship, aliens, the Annuachi, and just pure greed based stupidity. However, it does not matter if any or all of them are true because just like “hate crimes” are not needed to convict for murder since we already have murder laws no matter if hate was a factor or not, a reason is not needed to see the evil that our leaders are engaged in. Governments and societies can never stop “hate,” they can only dissuade it and punish only when a crime is committed, or with a warrant to prevent a crime.

Likewise, the people do not need a reason for the evils of government, for no people can stop “evil,” either. What we CAN and MUST do is refuse to allow it to flourish.

Yes, it IS evil to silence those who do not agree with the loss of their career from the DGA, and it does matter if the PC crowd refuses to call it evil or not. It is still true, just as it is evil to release fake news sex scandals about a man who is innocent of the charges and has not even had a chance to make America great again.

If the left can not see that it is evil to attack a man before he has even begun or to acknowledge his achievements when every president prior has had such a start, then we have an even greater reason to thank God that Clinton didn’t win than thought.

(Have a wonderful inauguration day, Mr. Trump. Godspeed)