City Gets Safer For Criminals

PUBLISHED: 11:35 PM 21 Mar 2018

Criminals Cheer As Liberal District Attorney “Reforms” Justice Policies

The death penalty, stop-and-frisk procedures, and cash bail are all being thrown out.

This radical left-wing democrat issued a memo to 300 assistant district attorneys last Tuesday to avoid convictions by diverting more cases to non-incarceration alternatives.

Philadelphia’s new District Attorney Larry Krasner, who was openly backed by leftist billionaire George Soros, recently rolled out sweeping policy changes to bring balance back to sentencing and also end mass incarceration in the so-called City of Brotherly Love.

According to EJI, this radical left-wing Democrat issued a memo to 300 assistant district attorneys last Tuesday to avoid convictions by diverting more cases to non-incarceration alternatives.

Additionally, Krasner outlined several bold reforms crafted to reduce the number of inmates in jail. Believe it or not, the procedural shifts instruct prosecutors to seek lighter sentences with plea deals, stop charging people for possession of cannabis and even direct them to get approval from supervisors before requesting some more punitive penalties.

As reported by different outlets, prosecutors have been directed not to seek cash bail for 25 offenses. Apparently, researchers have found that cash bail systems create some significant racial disparities in pretrial detention and in who is sentenced to prison in the country.

In what has already become a very controversial moment, Krasner highlighted one element of the scandalous memo that said the requirement that prosecutors –when asking a judge to sentence a defendant to prison- specify how much it will actually cost taxpayers to keep the person behind bars. The new District Attorney made that point at a news conference Thursday.

Taken in full, legal analysts believe that the five-page document is likely to impact thousands of criminal cases in the state of Pennsylvania’s busiest prosecutor’s office and one of the most violent cities in the United States.

What seems even more incredible is the fact that the memo also addresses policies around plea offers, charging decisions and even diversion programs.

According to different criminal justice experts, some of the guidelines appeared to be unprecedented, a blend of investigation and practices touted by reform advocates but perhaps never made so explicit in the writing by a top prosecutor.

Basically, the five-page document encourages prosecutors to consider some department talking points before making the proper sentencing recommendations.

Naturally, this includes what it is considered as the cost of one year of unnecessary incarceration – which is from $42,000 to $60,000- which is in the range of the cost of one year’s salary for a police officer, a beginning teacher, a social worker, an assistant District Attorney, a firefighter, and even an addiction counselor.

Krasner, who had never prosecuted a criminal case before taking office two months ago, wrote that Philadelphia’s and Pennsylvania’s over-incarceration have bankrupted investment in policing, medical treatment of addiction, public education, economic development and job training.

He added that these are significant elements that prevent crime more effectively than any single dollar invested in corrections.

During his three decades as a defense attorney, this Soros-backed leftist politician became famous for filling 75 civil rights lawsuits against Philadelphia’s police department.

In addition, he became extremely famous for happily representing radical activists from organizations like Occupy Philadelphia and Black Lives Matter, pro bono.

In November, Krasner won in a landslide, capturing 75 percent of the vote after making his lack of prosecutorial experience the most important point of his campaign.

As you can imagine, Krasner exploited the race card after his victory by saying that he is nothing more than an irrelevant part of a movement that is tired of living under a system that picks on poor people, “primarily black and brown people.”

Naturally, this was nothing more than a demagogic strategy considering that black and brown residents represent more than 55 percent of the city’s population.

Apparently, Krasner fired 31 prosecutors who didn’t share his radical vision during his first week on the job. As a matter of fact, he even decided to eliminate cash bail for low-level offenses last month.

As everyone knows, George Soros had contributed more than $1.6 million to a political action committee that supported his candidacy.

The organization called Philadelphia Justice & Public Safety paid for people to walk neighborhoods campaigning on Krasner’s behalf, and also managed to finance television commercials and many other advertisements.

Krasner’s scandalous anti-incarceration platforms are nothing more than the latest of many Soros-backed reform efforts intended to reverse the local sentencing laws throughout the United States.

Basically, the Philadelphia’s new District Attorney is just a replaceable pawn that the leftist billionaire is using to push his radical agenda in the most powerful nation in the world.