Stolen Car At Court

PUBLISHED: 12:07 AM 9 Mar 2018

Criminal Gets Himself Arrested After Taking Stolen Find To Court

Parking patrol officers discovered the stolen vehicle at the court.

How doltish could he be?

What would the news cycle be without a ‘dumb criminal’ story coming along every day or so? It seems that there are limitless ways that a person can bust themselves without law enforcement needing to do much of anything at all, as was the case in Connecticut, according to the Hartford Courier.

Jonathan Rivera, 25, and his foolhardiness found him “due in court to answer a charge of stealing a car.” The only problem was that he stole the car that he arrived at court in! At Superior Court in Hartford yesterday, the suspect was “to answer a charge of first-degree larceny and tampering with a motor vehicle” which dealt with a stolen car. That incident happened on February 17.

As Rivera was waiting to appear before the judge, Hartford Parking Authority agents were looking for parking violators when they “got a hit on a white 2014 Subaru Legacy parked near the courthouse.” Both the plates and the car were stolen “from Newington because a key fob was left in it.”

Like a rat walking into a trap, Revera strolled right up to the car and attempted to drive from the courthouse in it!

Police made the arrest after the man literally led them to the car and all but wrote in the sky who had stolen it. This time, he was “charged with second-degree larceny and taking a motor vehicle without the owner’s permission.”

How anyone could possibly hope to pull off such a stunt is anyone’s guess.

No word exists on whether or not the man was on drugs, but it would shock no one if that proved to be the case.

Then again, perhaps he was simply that brazen. There are a great many criminal minds that feel as though no one can capture them, which tends to make them easier targets.

All of Rivera’s foolish actions will not likely play very well before the judge when the car thief must again appear in court.

For that date, he may wish to take the bus.