Criminals Choose Wrong House

PUBLISHED: 5:14 PM 30 Mar 2018

Criminal Dies After Being Shot By Homeowner

The other criminal is still on the run.

After being robbed, bashed in the head, and not knowing where his wife was, one homeowner had to act.

As dogooder teens preach to the nation about the supposed woes of gun ownership, the Second Amendment is alive and well, saving innocent lives every day. As Fox News has observed, a convicted felon tried to rob a home in Tennessee on Wednesday and the homeowner, sadly, had to use his right to bear arms to keep him and his wife safe from harm and loss of property.

One of the bandits was Terry Adams, Jr., 27, and his decision to burglarize a home resulted in him losing his life in Nashville, according to Metro Police Station documents. A second suspect “remains at large.

Brent Bishop is the 43-year-old gentleman who owned the home that Adams, a repeat criminal, and another person entered via the back door. The invaders struck his wife in the face and posed a clear threat to the safety of those present.

It all began when Bishop noticed that his back door was open. When he got up to see why, he was “struck on the head with a blunt object,” and then a safe was demanded by the robbers.

In the safe, which they took, were “three long guns and a pistol.” Leaving the homeowner confused, the criminals fled the scene.

Bishop began to look for his wife. She had fortunately escaped and made it to neighbor’s house, but the worried husband was not yet aware of this. He retrieved a pistol from another room (which is why it is good for some people to own more than one firearm) and began to look for her.

As he did so, he happened to see Adams and his accomplice! The man wasted no time and fired at both men who had attacked him. One of the shots ended up “fatally wounding Adams” as the second man fled. As he did so, however, he “dropped the long guns and the pistol that had been taken from the safe and ran away.”

Not only was Bishop’s wife found to be safe, but he got everything that was stolen from him back before Adams and his partner could sell or harm anybody with the contents.

Adams had a history “of auto burglary, attempted burglary, felony theft, and aggravated assault.” He is even a suspect in an earlier robbery that saw Mr. Bishop’s flat screen TV stolen. If so, greed caused the death of this 27-year-old as much as anything else.

Adams had “been arrested in July 2017 for felony meth possession for resale and unlawful gun possession by a convicted felon” and was wanted for two parole violations, also.

The worst news is that Bishop suffered a fractured skull as a result of the assault. Even in his injured state, he went seeking his spouse, however, a testimony to his character.

Those like Adams think, far too often, that those victimized by them are going to simply sit back and allow it to keep happening. If Adams was, in fact, the one responsible for the stealing of the TV, he seems to have made this assumption and went to the tainted well one too many times because of it.

Hopefully, this grim lesson was learned by the second culprit who is still out, roaming the streets.