Illegal Not Competent?

PUBLISHED: 2:00 PM 3 Jan 2019
UPDATED: 8:20 PM 3 Jan 2019

Criminal Case Against Illegal Alien Cop Killer Suspended for ‘Mental’ Examination

Apparently, there’s a question about his mental competence to stand trial.

The court has ordered a mental evaluation for the illegal alien who murdered Ronil Singh.

In a killing that shocked the nation the day after Christmas, an illegal alien with a criminal history living in California murdered Corporal Ronil Singh, who was a legal immigrant serving the country on the police force.

But, rather than see the criminal case proceed against Gustavo Perez Arriaga, a Stanislaus County Judge has suspended the case over a question of the defendant’s ‘mental competency.’

Apparently, the legal defense is using this as a way to stall. The facts of the case do not indicate a man who has diminished mental faculties, since he was plotting on escaping to Mexico right after he gunned down Singh during a routine traffic stop.

On Wednesday, the defendant told Judge Ricardo Córdova that Paulo Virgen Mendoza is his real name, not the alias Gustavo Perez Arriaga. Virgen his father’s last name and Mendoza is his mother’s last name.

His court-appointed attorney, Stephen Foley, told the judge that he had many aliases.

“The Stanislaus County District Attorney’s Office on Wednesday morning filed a criminal complaint against Mendoza, 32, charging him with murder and a special circumstances enhancement that makes the case eligible for the death penalty.

“Deputy District Attorney Jeff Mangar, who has been assigned to prosecute Mendoza, told the judge that the District Attorney’s Office has not decided whether to seek the death penalty.”

During the hearing, the courtroom was packed with several members of the ‘defendant’s’ family, as well as those who were there to see justice done for Corporal Singh.

Outside, scores of people staged a rally in support of Singh, his family and law enforcement officers in general, lining the sidewalks and holding signs reading, “Back the Blue”, “Enough is Enough”, and “All Lives Matter.”

Since Foley told the judge that he has some doubt about his client’s mental competency, Judge Ricardo Córdova suspended the case against Mendoza until a mental health evaluation can be conducted.

The case cannot continue until Mendoza is declared mentally competent to stand trial.

Córdova scheduled Mendoza to return to court Feb. 7, giving the doctor five weeks to conduct the mental health evaluation and submit a report to the court. Mendoza did not enter a plea Wednesday. He will remain at the Stanislaus County Jail without bail, where he has been held since he was returned from Kern County, where he was captured Friday morning.”

Authorities’ report that the four people arrested as accessories to the murder helped Mendoza in his efforts to evade capture, destroyed evidence, and lied to detectives after the police corporal’s shooting death.

Mendoza’s girlfriend Ana Leyde Cervantes, 30; his brothers Conrado Virgen Mendoza, 34, and Adrian Virgen, 25; and his co-worker Erik Razo Quiroz, 35, all pleaded not guilty to the felony accessory charge when they made their first court appearance Monday.

“A 55-hour manhunt for Mendoza ended Friday morning, when he was found and arrested at a home near Bakersfield. Three people accused of helping Mendoza evade capture also were arrested at the Bakersfield home and face accessory charges in Kern County.”

The incident has sparked renewed support for President Trump’s border wall and further disgust for Sanctuary policies that allow such criminals to roam free.