Drug Machines On Street

PUBLISHED: 5:47 PM 11 Sep 2018

Crack Pipe Machines Appear In New York

At least three crack pipe machines have been removed from Long Island.

Crack pipe machines popping up in Long Island.

Earlier this year, President Donald Trump delivered a speech in Long Island, New York, about the importance of combating MS-13 gangs and blocking the flow of drugs into local communities. New York has largely refused to work with the Trump administration on anything, and now someone is trying to make it even easier to get drugs in the state.

According to Fox News, police have seized three crack pipe vending machines in Long Island. Police say they aren’t sure who set up the dispensers, but residents are understandably upset about these machines popping up in the community. The vending machines have been re-purposed after they were initially used to sell tampons, police confirmed.

Below is an image from WABC-TV, who found one of the machines sitting out in the open in Long Island.

The local news outlet reports that the machines say “Sketch Pens” on the front, and were cemented into the ground. For $2, the machine will dispense a glass tube and filter.

Local resident Scott Malz took a video of one of the dispensers near a shopping center and uploaded the video to Facebook. The clip has been viewed more than 116,000 times, a strong indication of public outrage over the machines and why they were set-up in the first place.

“I wanted the community to see what was going on and try to get rid of it as quick as possible,” Malz said. “Because that’s actually a bad area for drugs.”

So, someone set-up at least three crack pipe vending machines in Long Island, a community that has been ravaged by MS-13 gang members and has a historic drug problem, destroying many families.

When Trump addressed law enforcement and members of the community earlier this year, he spoke about the importance of New York working with his administration to combat MS-13 and the drug epidemic.

As arguably the most pro-police and military president the United States has had in many years, President Trump has been making desperate pleas to New York and other liberal-controlled cities to work with his administration to clean up the streets and get the drugs off the streets.

He has made securing the southern borders and removing illegal immigrants — especially criminals — a top priority, but many people recognize there’s only so much the president can do when liberal lawmakers won’t even agree to have a conversation about issues plaguing the nation.

And now, months after Trump vowed to fight MS-13 and stop the flow of drugs into American communities, crack pipe vending machines are popping up across New York.

Many are asking what will it take for liberals to finally work with the president to combat the drug epidemic harming so many families?