Dem Slush Fund Bill

PUBLISHED: 1:00 PM 21 Dec 2020
UPDATED: 6:44 PM 21 Dec 2020

COVID Relief Bill Done: Provides Billions For Democrats, Mere $600 For Starving Families

This is the biggest travesty since democrats halted the counting on election night and rigged the ‘votes’ for Biden.

Giant slap in the face. (Source: YouTube Screenshot)

Apparently, staring Americans are supposed to be thankful to our masters that they decided to give us a whopping $600 check, while they themselves continued to collect tens of thousands of dollars each month, and while they give themselves and their democrat cities billions.

Seriously. This ‘agreement’ is a slush fund for failing democrats to dip their hands in at will… it’s pathetic.

Just The News reported:

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced Sunday evening a final deal on a long-awaited COVID-19 relief and stimulus package totaling about $900 billion.

The House and Senate could vote to approve the package as early as Monday, and President Trump is expected to sign it.

“More help is on the way,” McConnell, R-Ky., said when he announced the deal on the Senate floor.

Added House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer: “We are going to crush the virus and put money in the pockets of the American people.”

The two chambers passed a one-day extension of federal funding Sunday night to ensure the government stayed open until the bill is passed.

Here are highlights of the deal, according to various summaries released by lawmakers late Sunday:

Individual stimulus checks:  The bill offers up to $600 stimulus checks per person, including adults and children, for families making less than $99,000 annually. The payment begins decreasing for those above $75,000 in annual income.

Business relief: The bill includes more than $284 billion for more forgivable Paycheck Protection Program loans. The bill expands eligibility for nonprofit organizations and news outlets, and lets churches and faith-based organizations qualify.

Jobless benefits: Unemployment benefits of up to $300 per week will be extended at least through March 14.

Tax relief: Businesses that received PPP loans and had them forgiven will be allowed to deduct the costs covered by those loans on their federal taxes. The bill also will provide a White House-backed tax break for corporate meal expenses.

COVID vaccine assistance: The bill sets aside $48 billion for COVID health care needs, including $20 billion to make vaccines available for free to those who need it.

Entertainment industry aid: The legislation will provide $15 billion for independent movie theaters and cultural institutions.

Eviction moratorium: The legislation extends until Jan. 31 a moratorium on evictions that was slated to expire at the end of the year.

Rent Assistance: The deal provides $25 billion in emergency assistance to renters.

Education funding: There is $82 billion set aside for colleges and schools to fund AC and heating repair and retrofitting to reduce coronavirus risks and reopen classrooms.

Child Care Aid. The deal provides $10 billion for child care assistance.

But, that’s not all…

Conservative Treehouse explained:

CTH knew Pelosi and UniParty leadership were going to use the 2008/2009 TARP approach to construct the scale of their COVID bail-out package, but we had no idea they were going to use the EXACT SAME amount…  The UniParty is flying high tonight.

According to recent reports (which seem accurate) congress has just agreed to the largest bailout and budget combined spending bill in history.  The seriously sketchy COVID “relief” (insert term “bailout”) package is $900 billion, and they are throwing in a $1.4 Trillion omnibus spending bill… This is literally identical to what Pelosi and crew did when Obama was coming into office in 2007.

~ The total combined package is over $2.3 TRILLION ~

(Via Politico) […] House and Senate are now on a glide path to approve the aid package and its partner, a $1.4 trillion bill funding the government through September.

Though the Fed feud dominated the past 48 hours, the crux of the package remains the same: a $300 boost in weekly unemployment benefits, $600 relief checks for adultsand children, more than $300 billion for small business aid and huge pots of money for schools, hospitals and vaccine distribution. (read more)

Butter my buns and call me a biscuit, how can people not see what is going on here?  2020 is an exact replica of 2007 with COVID taking the place of TARP.  And… to top it all off, we have omnibus spending bills replacing the federal budgetary process all over again. FML.


Heck, I’m just going to repeat right here what I already predicted three weeks ago… it has unfolded EXACTLY as we suspected it would… The audacity of the elites who run both wings of the UniParty is jaw-dropping.

[December 5, 2020] The COVID-19 narrative becomes a tool to achieve a variety of objectives … Without COVID as a tool the manufactured process is more difficult. The ‘never let a crisis go to waste‘ strategy includes the creation of a crisis.

Why? – Why all of this effort?… why such extremes?… why would blue state governors willingly destroy their economy?….  Follow the money, it’s always about the money.

The global ideology is worthless without money.   Wall Street’s Rick Santelli knows, he’s watching the second deployment of an identical playbook.

So when your friends ask why, let’s talk about ‘why‘.

The response to the opportunity of the financial crisis of 2007/2008 was all about using the housing market collapse to create a financial mechanism to bail-out Blue Team members.

TARP, Auto-bailouts, QE1, QE2 and the stimulus packages were specifically directed to the controlled crony capitalists who funded the rise of the previous tool, Barack Obama.

In 2008 the orcs were deployed.  Beyond the Wall Street crowd, the SEIU, AFL-CIO, AFSCME, NEA were some of the more visible politically activist beneficiaries.  There was a massive hole in the U.S. economy and all the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funds were specifically targeted to ensure the Blue Team did not suffer.

Winners and losers were selected.  Overall Main Street didn’t get a dime.

In 2020, we are seeing the exact same operational execution around COVID-19.  This time the crisis is a virus and the planned primary beneficiaries are the Blue Team states and their collapsing and unstable financial mechanisms.

The American electorate (writ large) would never support targeted taxpayer funded  bailouts to Blue State beneficiaries.  As a consequence, the crisis needs to hit Main Street so that public support for massive bailouts can be accepted.

Nancy Pelosi sets up the proposal, takes the accounting of the Blue Team needs, and sits down with inside party club members to organize the funding mechanisms.

Obviously, all of this big picture outcome is contingent upon successful execution of President Trump’s removal… hence, the firm-reliance on election fraud.  The transparency of the fraud needs to be obfuscated, denied and ridiculed; that’s where the media come in.

Meanwhile, Blue State teams work earnestly to create a worsening financial crisis for the American electorate, the workers and business owners.  Shutting down the economy is part of a coordinated effort.

When do both wings of the UniParty bird most visibly flap in unison?

ANSWER: When they get to the part of the playbook where ‘their tribe’ starts positioning for the trough.

Yes, COVID-19 as a weapon has many benefits… including the purposefully convenient stopping of assemblies, crowds and visible public opposition as the larger schemes are deployed hastily.

BIG TECH steps-in to assist the goal of isolating the electorate by shutting down voices and keeping people isolated from larger community understanding.  Communication lines are cut, as they would be in any war strategy.  Dividing people has many benefits.

As soon as enough pressure is applied to Main Street, the electorate get desperate. There will be an outcry for help and that is where House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is waiting in the wings with the previously constructed bailout package that the American people will now be more apt to support.  Opposition voices will be framed as heartless; the media will immediately jump into action; and we go right into that cycle were fearful people do not stop to recognize the financial strategy as it is carried out.

The Blue Team state bailout will come at the top of a massive 2020 COVID federal spending package. As with the previous 2009 spending package, it will be gift-wrapped in paper to appear like Main Street is a beneficiary… However, just like the ARRA, there will be no ‘shovel ready jobs‘ saved or created.  It is all a ruse for a transfer of taxpayer wealth.

The weaponization of COVID is the ongoing crisis that will facilitate the government solutions.  As the American people resist the bait represented by the COVID crisis, those who need to weaponize it will keep turning up the pressure.

That pressure will continue until the American people can no longer take it and will accept the solution.  We are watching deployment of an identical playbook used previously to bail-out Wall Street, Big Banks and political benefactors/beneficiaries in 2009.

  • COVID crisis 2020 replaces the housing/banking crisis 2008.
  • Pelosi repackages the TARP strategy as a COVID response.
  • States are bailed out in 2020 like the Too Big to Fail banks in 2008.
  • Union leadership benefit as they did in the 2008 operation.

…And the great reset begins.

God forbid.