“Double Mutant” Claims

PUBLISHED: 7:18 PM 6 Apr 2021

COVID-19 Designed To Rig 2020, Now Media Touts “Double Mutant” COVID 21

It’s obvious what they’re doing, and many medical experts already warned people that the “new” strain is a result of the vaccine.

This new strain, many experts warned, is the result of the vaccine. (Source: YouTube Screenshot)

The media is desperate to ensure that COVID continues to dominate all Americans and that liberties are erased through it. Their latest scheme is the “double mutant” strain, which many experts warned months ago would be the result of the COVID vaccine.

The Gateway Pundit reported:

Since buzzwords like “mutant” and “variant” haven’t scared Americans into submission, Big Media is now telling the public that a fourth wave of Covid is around the corner because of a “double mutant” variant found in the US.

These Covid tyrants want you cowering in fear forever.

Several states have opened up at full capacity within the last couple weeks so the media is in full force screeching about another “surge.”

“This morning concerns about a double mutant Coronavirus variant in the US…now identified in the San Francisco area,” GMA said.