DOJ Court Order

PUBLISHED: 5:03 PM 28 Jun 2018
UPDATED: 5:51 PM 30 Jun 2018

Court Orders DOJ To Comply With Fusion GPS FOIA

The court also rejected requests from the federal government to give them an additional six months before turning over documents.

Apparently, British intelligence doesn't want the Russian documents released.

Judicial Watch is one of the most prolific and prestigious government watchdog groups in the United States, and they do good work keeping the American public informed about things the federal government would rather hide. As a result of their work, they spend a lot of time in court, arguing cases about what evidence the government can legally withhold.

The most recent case involved the Department of Justice and its refusal to turn over documents and records relating to Fusion GPS. However, after the case went before a federal judge, he found in favor of Judicial Watch, and demanded that the government turn over “all records” related to Fusion GPS, in compliance with the FOIA request. This is big, and it could reveal more misdeeds during the Barack Obama years.

U.S. District Court Judge Reggie B. Walton oversaw the case concerning the response by the Justice Department to one of the many Freedom of Information Act requests issued by Judicial Watch.

The case surrounded communications between the DOJ and Nellie Ohr, who is the wife of Bruce Ohr, a senior official at the department. But, his ruling includes all calls, texts, and communications by anyone in the Justice Department, with anyone working for Fusion GPS, the company that created the malicious dossier, which lead to Mueller’s investigation.

While Mr. Ohr was working for the government, Mrs. Ohr was working for Fusion GPS, a Clinton campaign ‘vendor’ who provided the campaign with the infamous dossier produced by Christopher Steele, the former MI6 agent.

Judge Walton instructed the federal government, specifically the DOJ, to immediately begin turning over any applicable records concerning communications between the entities.

He also rejected a ‘request’ from the department to give them six months to begin producing the documents.

Perhaps most interestingly of all, the federal judge rejected a request by the Justice Department to restrict the documents they had to turn over to only documents generated in 2016.

Throughout the case, District Court Judge Walton continuously criticized the DOJ and its response, saying that the documents should have been turned over by now.

Indeed, the initial FOIA request was made in December 2017. When the federal government showed no desire or inclination to respond to the request, Judicial Watch filed the FOIA lawsuit in March 2018.

In other words, it has been around seven months since they filed for the documents, which they are legally entitled to receive according to the terms of the Freedom of Information Act, as it currently exists.

What was the watchdog group seeking when they filed their request in the first place? According to the lawsuit and request, they wanted all records of “contact or communication,” which includes “but is not limited to” emails, text messages, and chats via instant messenger programs/systems/applications between officials in the Attorney General’s office and Nellie Ohr.

At the time, the AG in question was Loretta Lynch, infamously remembered for her ‘tarmac meeting’ with Bill Clinton while his wife was under suspicion for her email server and the classified information contained therein.

Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton said that he was pleased with the outcome in court, and that it was another blow to the Justice Department’s “inexcusable stonewalling” on documents that are of interest to the public concerning collusion between the Obama administration’s AG office and Fusion GPS to target Donald Trump.

The name Ohr has been inexorably linked to Fusion GPS since at least December 2017, when Bruce Ohr was removed from his position as U.S. Associate Deputy Attorney General after it came to light that he held secret meetings with Christopher Steele and Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson.

A memo from the House Intelligence Committee, which was released by Devin Nunes on February 2, 2018, stated that Nellie Ohr was working for Fusion GPS, researching anti-Trump political opposition.

It also stated that it was Bruce Ohr who was passing that research, paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign and produced with the express idea of undermining Donald J. Trump’s campaign, to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

As the investigation into corruption and collusion in the Barack Obama-era federal government and how they targeted the Trump campaign continues to grow, it is important that watchdog groups like Judicial Watch continue to uncover evidence.

There are a number of groups and individuals in the government, the ‘deep state,’ for example, who would love to see this evidence go away, and would be happiest if they never had to hand it over to groups that might hold them accountable.

Judicial Watch does important work, and this particular work could very easily reveal even more about the legally and morally questionable actions by the Obama administration. It’s good to see that federal judges are willing to hold the DOJ and other government agencies accountable and force them to follow the law.

It will be interesting to find out what else they uncover, and what else they could uncover in the future related to the strange and tangled web of deception and dishonest including the DOJ, GPS Fusion, and the Obama administration’s desire to target political opponents.