Mueller 9/11 Cover Up

PUBLISHED: 1:54 AM 25 Jan 2018
UPDATED: 11:35 PM 25 Jan 2018

Court Documents Show Mueller Helped Cover Up 9/11 Saudi Family Terror Connection In U.S.

The FBI, with Mueller, covered up “many connections” and kept it from congress.

Court documents show that Robert Mueller has a connection to 9/11.

And suddenly, the Russian investigation of the Special Counsel Robert Mueller could be experiencing its final moments. According to a Tuesday report from watchdog group Judicial Watch, this man may have helped cover up connections between the 9/11 terror attacks and a Saudi family. Naturally, we’re talking about a delicate situation where the Special Counsel could face serious consequences if this information ends up being proved.

Court documents obtained by the watchdog group show that when Mueller was the FBI director, he was “likely involved” in releasing deceptive bureau statements to cover up a direct connection between the 9/11 hijackers and a Saudi Arabian family that lived in Florida back in those days.

Apparently, the statements were tailored in order to discredit a 2011 story that exposed an FBI investigation into this family, who lived in the city of Sarasota. According to Judicial Watch, this controversial investigation was also withheld from the Congress.

The statements asserted that FBI agents had found no connection between the 9/11 plot and the Sarasota Saudi family. Of course, what seems to be quite suspicious is the fact that FBI’s own files contained at least three reports that pointed out the opposite. These reports detailed that agents actually found several connections between the Saudi family and “individuals associated with the terrorist attacks on 9/11/2001.”

Robert Mueller, who is now the special counsel overseeing the probe into the alleged Russia efforts to interfere in the 2016 presidential election, is referenced in a document index in November by the Bureau at the direction of William J. Zloch of Fort Lauderdale, who is a U.S. District Judge.

Apparently, this index was compiled soon after Zloch asked the bureau to explain where in its file system it had located about 80 pages released earlier in the six-year-old FOI case. Recently, Zloch explained he had completed his three-year review of those records. However, he hasn’t provided any kind of hint to what they say.

The FBI investigation into the Saudis began when some news stories revealed that they had abruptly left the country almost 14 days before the terrorist attack in New York City. Apparently, the Saudis left behind their clothes, their cars, furniture, and some other personal items.

As noted by the watchdog group, the Bureau continued to deny the existence of the Sarasota Saudi investigation, despite the fact that recently filed court documents revealed that Mueller received a briefing about this investigation.

Additionally, Judicial Watch pointed out that Mueller may have been the one who approved those lies. Also, the watchdog group said that the Special Counsel refused to respond several questions regarding this controversial discovery. While the news organization that uncovered these details sent some emails to his office, he didn’t respond any of those.

Last month in Washington, three members of Congress (one Democrat and two Republicans) introduced House Resolution 663 that calls for the entire declassification of every single 9/11 document. The goal of this move is nothing more than to allow a “full public understanding” of what happened back in 2001.

The index reference to the Special Counsel is contained in an item about FBI white paper that was written just a week after the Miami Herald published a story about the suspicious departure of the Saudi family about two weeks before the terrorist attack.

This white paper is now on stationery of the Counterterrorism Division Guantanamo Detainee Prosecution Section 9:11 Prosecution Unit. It was first released back in March 2013 and erroneously begins asserting that the FBI found no connection between the Saudi family and the hijackers.

Considering the way his credibility has been severely wounded over the last few months, many people are now calling President Donald Trump to fire the Special Counsel. In addition to the scandal of Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, and Andrew Weissman, many voices point out that one of the main reason why the investigation has no credibility is the fact that more than half of the Mueller’s team has donated to Democrats or worked for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Last month, the watchdog group filed a lawsuit demanding that Mueller release hundreds of text messages exchanged by FBI agent Strzok and FBI lawyer Page throughout 2017. In one of these messages, it was quite clear that Strzok –who was on Mueller’s team- may have thought that the Russian investigation wasn’t going anywhere.

So far, it remains unclear if these text messages will ever be available to the public.