Buried Treasure Surprise

PUBLISHED: 9:25 PM 15 May 2018

Couple Hands Over Buried Treasure Found In Backyard

The container included precious stones and soggy cash.

Who knows what can be found in one's own backyard?

Interestingly, a “couple of urban island-dwellers have found buried treasure in their backyard” according to Yahoo News.

WCBS New York has revealed that this was quite a find. A safe that the pair discovered held within “about $52,000 worth of property.” At this Staten Island dwelling, “diamonds, gold, jade, and soaking wet cash” were found along with triumphant smiles, most likely. Still, what happened afterward shocked everyone who has heard it.

Oddly enough, the booty was right in plain sight the whole time, just waiting to be opened. Matthew Emanuel and Maria Colonna Emanuel “always thought the rusting hulk of metal jutting out beneath some trees was just a cable box.”

Instead, it wound up being a potentially life-altering event that has put them on the gold paved roads of Easy Street…or did it?

If tree replacement work was not being conducted on the land, the couple would still not know how rich they had been all along.

As it turns out, honesty is worth more than riches and the couple found “a paper with an address” inside the case. It was a neighbor’s home and when they knocked on the door, they found that the family has been burglarized in 2011.

Upon learning this fact, the pair willingly gave the fortune to the rightful owners. “It wasn’t ours,” said Mrs. Emanuel, plainly.

Such honesty and fairness is thought to be absent from the culture today. No word on whether or not a reward was given (or at least offered) to the finders.

Those who had the stolen items returned to them are probably overjoyed, though no one is sure how the safe got buried there or by who. Also, how did the person digging the hole not get observed as they did so?

Regardless of details, in New York today, two very honest citizens gave up a mint to do the right thing. That, more than any dollar amount, is worthy of praise.