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PUBLISHED: 9:37 PM 12 Jul 2018

Couple Caught On Video Stealing Sparrows For Unknown Reasons

Officials have reminded everyone that this kind of thievery is illegal.

The National Park Service (pictured) has reminded everyone that nabbing up helpless birds for any reason from a national park is illegal.

Not all crimes committed have a clear motive. When that happens, as Yahoo News has confirmed, one’s imagination often fills in the blanks with rather horrid thoughts. In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the National Park Service got a disturbing report of a woman snatching up sparrows at the “historic square near Philadelphia’s Independence Hall.” She was just nabbing up the little-feathered creatures at will.

Wednesday on Instagram, a video was posted showing a lady capturing birds as she fed them from a park bench. How anyone can be that speedy is anyone’s guess, but a man was seen tossing food as bait while the woman leans down and scoops up the birds.

While one bird was still fluttering about in the plastic bag that was used for the heist, they mysterious lady is seen tying the bag closed.

Park Service spokeswoman Gina Gilliam was quite shocked and said that “trapping and harassing wildlife in the park is against federal regulations.” This is something that no one imagined needed to be said, but clearly, it does.

The two bird stealers were not identified, so no one knows why they were taking the birds captive.

That is where the mind starts to roam…

Was the pair so poor that they were collecting the creatures for food? If so, how many times have they done this?

Some others have opined that it is possible that the birds were being used for purposes of a spell or some kind of voodoo. While that may sound a bit “Hollywood,” it was established only yesterday that many strange religions are taking root in America at an alarming rate.

Hopefully, that is the case, because depending on the ritual that is to be their fate, these birds are in for a terrible end.

Maybe they are just being kept as pets. While this, too, is an odd theory, the world is full of odd people, so this could very well be the case. While this is still illegal, it is better to think of than a bowl of sparrow soup being served.

Of course, all of this is merely guesswork, but at this point, hypothesizing is all that anyone has to go on when it comes to motives for this bird-brained crime.