PUBLISHED: 11:39 PM 15 Dec 2017

Country Demands U.N. Control American Policy As Veto Powers Required

Turkish President Erdogan has told his people that he too intends to fight against the United States' decision to recognize Jerusalem. He plans to take the issue to United Nations but assures Muslims everywhere that he too intends to fight back.

Turkish President Erdogan has told his people that he too intends to fight against the United States’ decision to recognize Jerusalem. He plans to take the issue to United Nations but assures Muslims everywhere that he too intends to fight back.

The Muslim world has been anything but calm since President Trump acted upon decades old legislation that recognized the capital of Israel as Jerusalem.  For many years, politicians talked big by claiming that Jerusalem was the capital of Israel but continually refused to recognize for fear of Muslim retribution.  Now Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan stated that Turkey will seek to file an annulment with the United Nations about the decision and will take the issue to the General Assembly if that fails.

The Turkish President recognized that as a Permanent Security Council Member, the United States has the ability to veto the annulment.  However, he intends to make it a larger issue in the General Assembly for all of the representatives to hear.  With this move, the Muslim world leader has taken the largely symbolic issue personally and encouraged Muslims to continue to be angry.

This is not the first time that Erdogan has encouraged Muslim behavior in the world.  The Turkish President has encouraged Turkish citizens living in Western nations like Denmark, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands to not assimilate towards native culture.  By having Turkish residents living abroad keep their cultures and ignore native ones, Erdogan is encouraging Muslims in Europe to continue their behavior.

Turkish citizens living abroad in Europe carry on with protests against the Dutch government. Their actions are dangerous as those who stand against the mobs are subjected to gang violence and police only do so much to disperse them.

The most recent behavior by Muslim refugees has been a major cause of the strife that many in the West are feeling.  The streets at night, malls, and town centers have been the victims of mob fights involving migrants as well as natives.  The refugee crisis has certainly caused a large problem for the civility of Europe.  More are turning to anti-migrant parties to try to halt the blatant Islamization happening to their communities.

This is all part of the plan that Erdogan has to increase the tensions between the Muslims of Europe and their native counterparts in order to create identity political battles.  Political Islam is a dominant force in the world and that means international financings as well as legal and court battles.  Many Muslims in the West who commit heinous crimes such as acid attacks, child abuse, as well as gang rape are defended by high powered attorneys.  This means that there a system set up to defend Muslims accused of crimes in the West with wealth from anywhere.

By manipulating the courts and discouraging people from assimilating, international Muslim leaders like Erdogan are only causing a divide between two peoples at a dangerous time.  Muslims all over the world have taken the recognition of Jerusalem as another means to protest and continue to ignore native laws.  Riots and protests have been carried out across the globe but the United States is not budging.

Erdogan has only encouraged the behavior of Turksh and other Muslim migrants living in Europe. Instead he has only used the situtation to his advantage by basically holding Europe hostage.

Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem is nothing more than him fulfilling his campaign promises.  For years, American politicians on both sides of the aisle have passed legislation to recognize Jerusalem but they have been too afraid of Muslim backlash actually go through with it.  All Trump did was go through with recognizing the official position of the United States which is just something the leadership in this country has failed to do for almost two decades.

Erdogan is doing nothing to help mend the rift between Muslims living abroad and their native neighbors.  Communities all over Europe have tried to express the need to fix the issues involved with the mass Muslim migration that has taken place but no one will listen.  They are either told they are racist and should simply be silenced or are pressured so much from their governments that end up imprisoned for Islamophobia.

By promising Muslims all over the world that they are going to basically battle the recognition of Jerusalem in the courts of United Nations, they are condoning the protests and riots taking place across the world.  Erdogan appears to be nothing more than a leader for the “resistance” that seeks to undermine everything that President Trump is doing.

Erdogan has time and time again threatened to use his geographic position to threaten Europe. He uses the migrants as a weapon rather than acting a global leader to work through this migrant crisis.

This kind of action by a Muslim world leader can no longer be tolerated by the so-called leaders of the West.  Europe and the United States have long used Turkey as a means of access to the Middle East as Turkey actually used to be against political Islam.  However, this type of behavior by the Islamist head of state must be addressed by the United Nations if the Turkish nation is going to continue to be a NATO ally.

It seems like the time for President Trump to address this bully is long overdue.