PUBLISHED: 5:08 PM 27 Nov 2017

“Core Threat”: Black Liberal Host Goes Unhinged As Threat Against Minority Goes Viral

Joy Ann Reid is proving once again that liberals have no clue what America is truly about.

Joy Ann Reid is proving once again that liberals have no clue what America is truly about.

Time and time again, liberals have proven that they are not only hypocritical but wildly racist when confronted with real issues. Now naturally they would argue that it isn’t racism if the comment is about whites but those with half a brain would be inclined to disagree. That is likely why MSNBC host Joy Ann Reid sees nothing wrong with her latest comment that has now gone viral.

Reid has labeled rural Americans as the “core threat to our Democracy,” explaining that the Electoral College should be abolished so the “disproportionate power over the urban majority” is eliminated.

Needless to say, these comments did not go over very well with a lot of people. Reid basically seems to be saying that rural (read white) Americans have too much power and that those who live in cities should have control. This is a disturbing extension of the complaints many liberals had after the 2016 election cycle. Some of the comments to her Tweet included;

“So how are you any different than people who supported disfranchisement of blacks with Jim Crow laws??”

“Rural minority is now mostly red thanks 2 DNC’s lack of platform & Obama don’t care. Now they’re a majority. Try a platform vs. calling them threats. For the record country folk R all colors & as Trump cleans cities up, something Dems never did, he’s taking that vote 2, promise!!”

Sadly, many also agreed with Reid.

This comment of Reid’s was in response to an article in the Wall Street Journal by Gerald Seib entitled, The Varied—and Global—Threats Confronting Democracy. Seib states that;

“Because of the way the Electoral College works, two of the past three presidents first won office while losing the popular vote. And David Birdsell, dean of the school of public and international affairs at Baruch College, notes that by 2040, about 70% of Americans are expected to live in the 15 largest states. They will have only 30 senators representing them, while the remaining 30% of Americans will have 70 senators representing them. That’s the way the system works, of course. But there will be growing need for enlightened leaders who can show it actually does work for all.”

Enlightened leaders? Such as Hillary who is still whining about her loss over a year later. Or perhaps Obama who spent eight years destroying our country under the guise of helping minorities. What exactly did Obama do for them? If he did so much then why are NFL players getting their knees dirty after he has left office to fight racial injustice? It just doesn’t make sense but the liberals keep spouting it hoping it will catch on.

Source: The Gateway Pundit