PUBLISHED: 8:55 PM 29 Nov 2017
UPDATED: 11:06 PM 29 Nov 2017

Conyers Scandal Opens Serious Concerns As “Declining Capacity” Has Liberals Demanding Resignation

Many on Capital Hill are saying that Conyers (pictured) is suffering from an ever-deteriorating mind.

Many on Capital Hill are saying that Conyers (pictured) is suffering from an ever-deteriorating mind.

There are some issues that arise which make it very hard for those (with a heart) in journalism to report fairly. Usually, those are issues of health. For instance, Senator John McCain (R-AZ) has been a RINO and let down to the party for years, but now that he has brain cancer, it hurts the author to admit it anymore. It is suspected that Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) who is both rude and often confused may be soon added to the list, but until that happens, she is fair game.

Perhaps that is why the California Democrat is being so soft on the sexual harasser, Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) and why the Black Caucus won’t ask that he step down. The Daily Caller reports today that the “deteriorating mental health” of Conyers is “an open secret” to those in Washington.

The News-Herald said that Conyers is unfit for office due to how bad this mind has gotten. “Conyers is no longer fit to serve, and those close to him must know it,” wrote the outlet’s columnist, Nolan Finley.

Pelosi (pictured), herself often confused, has rushed to Conyer’s side as the scandal hits.

I don’t know whether he has dementia, Alzheimer’s, senility, or some other form of diminished mental capacity,” he added. “It’s just clear that he’s not quite right.

There are even some who are running or have run against the Michigan liberal who has brought the issue to light as they oppose him for office.  “The congressman is not all there,” said Reverand Horace Sheffield when he attempted to defeat Conyers. He even said that the Democrat was “not the person he once was.”

Even leftist outlet Politico wrote, “John Conyers has not been all there, mentally, for some time. Every top Dem in MI and DC knows that.” It was said that Conyers no longer possessed “the capacity to understand what’s happening right now” and that he “doesn’t belong in Congress.

In at least two separate occasions — once at a United Automobile Workers event in Michigan and once at a meeting of top Democrats on Capitol Hill — Mr. Conyers showed up wearing pajamas, according to two people familiar with the incidents,” according to other reports.

At first, this was thought of as Conyers being slothful or more of his sexual harassing, but it may be something different these days as his mind seems to be giving way.

Politico has said Conyers is not fit to be in D.C.

If this is true, and it would seem to be, it is very sad. Yes, the man is a Democrat and it will be good to see him replaced by someone, but he is still a man, too.

Hopefully, he will bow out and leave the tangled past that he curated when he was more clear minded to fade away before anyone else can be hurt by it.

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