Leaked FISA Doc

PUBLISHED: 5:41 PM 24 Jul 2018
UPDATED: 6:09 PM 24 Jul 2018

Convicted Senate Staffer Gave NYT Reporter Full Copy Of FISA Warrant In 2017

James Wolfe gave Ali Watkins, who he was having an affair with, a copy of the FISA warrant last year.

After Wolfe was hauled off in handcuffs, the press learned, to their absolute horror, that several “year’s worth” of New York Times reporter Ali Watkins’ phone and email records were secretly seized in February as part of the leak inquest.

A new explosive report from Conservative Treehouse reveals that James Wolfe leaked the full application used by the FBI under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act to obtain a spy warrant against former Trump campaign aide Carter Page to the liberal reporter he was romantically connected to.

Wolfe was indicted last month for leaking classified information to New York Times reporter Ali Watkins. Following his arrest, it was revealed that Wolfe and Watkins were romantically involved with one another for several years. Wolfe, who served as a staffer on the Senate Intelligence Committee, was reportedly leaking congressional information regarding the Russia investigation to Watkins, who was then publishing pieces with the classified information. Wolfe is 57-years-old, and Watkins is 26-years-old.

The Treehouse reports that in 2017, Wolfe leaked a copy of the FISA application used by the FBI to obtain a warrant to spy on Page, who was accused of being a Russian asset.

On Saturday, the Department of Justice released three FISA applications on Page after Judicial Watch won a lawsuit to have the documents made public. After reviewing the applications, which redacted many names, the Treehouse reports that previously released documents show that Wolfe leaked the 82-page application to Watkins in early 2017.

Around March 16, 2017, the Committee requested a copy of the FISA application on Page. When comparing that to Wolfe’s indictment, it is more than obvious that Reporter #2 is Ali Watkins.

Page six of the indictment describes one of the leaks between Wolfe and Reporter #2. The indictment strongly implies that Wolfe leaked the FISA application used against Page from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, which is described as FISC, to Watkins.

The FISC is the secret court that hears cases involving the federal government seeking a warrant to spy on a person believed to be involved in a criminal or shady activity with a foreign government.

Here’s the big giveaway: page six-page of the Wolfe indictment specifically states that: “82 text messages” were sent to Reporter #2 from Wolfe.

It appears that Wolfe sent 82 text messages to Watkins, one text per page of the FISA application that the Committee had in March 2017.

It appears that he was leaking classified information to the same liberal reporter he was having a romantic relationship with, who has been “reassigned” at the Times after she admitted to having the relationship with her source.

She has been “reassigned” while the paper reviews all of her work, which largely covered the FISC and Committee that Wolfe worked on.

This information is crucial to understand because it shows how far many are going to harm President Donald Trump. A Senate staffer leaked highly sensitive information to a liberal reporter — with whom he was involved with — for the sole purpose of advancing the Trump-Russia collusion theories. But, democrats claim this information is too sensitive for the general public?

This also shows how interconnected the media, lawmakers, and congressional aides are, and how they work closely behind the scenes on anti-Trump measures.