Intended Victim Shoots First

PUBLISHED: 12:50 AM 10 Feb 2018

Convicted Offender Chooses Wrong, Gets Shot After Hiding In Woman’s Closet

Unless something else is discovered, the woman will not face charges.

The victim in this case was lucky to have a firearm to protect herself and her 12-year-old daughter from the convicted child molester hiding in her closet.

A convicted child molester and registered sex offender, 53-year-old black male Michael Lindsey, was shot and killed after he broke into a woman’s home late Saturday night. The attack occurred in Blakely, Georgia in the Woodlawn Drive neighborhood.

The woman was home with her 12-year-old daughter when she noticed something suspicious in one of the home’s bedrooms. When she inspected the room, she found the criminal who was hiding in her closet. After a brief struggle, were the woman apparently fought him off with a spoon, she was able to retrieve her gun and shoot the intruder.

The woman grabbed her daughter and retreated to another room and locked themselves in when the intruder did not immediately collapse from his wounds and was still moving about the house. Lindsay then stumbled outside bleeding, he would succumb to his wounds moments later.

When police arrived, they found Lindsay’s lifeless corpse just outside of the victim’s residence, and after a quick sweep of the house discovered the victim and her daughter locked in and hiding inside a room together.

The mother and daughter suffered no injuries as a result of the incident, although they were both understandably shaken up.

The victim has not been arrested or charged with any crime based on the circumstances of the shooting. Police have presented the district attorney with the evidence from the scene and it will be up to his discretion whether he brings the findings in front of a grand jury to seek an indictment on the mother.

Lindsay was convicted of molesting a child in 1999 and has been a registered sex offender ever since that time. This woman’s heroic actions and marksmanship prevented what could have been a tragedy.

The victim’s house had been broken into two other times recently, and police are investigating the possibility that these incidences may be related to Lindsey’s break-in. Investigators believe the attack was premeditated, however, no connection between the woman and the perpetrator has been discovered.

The perpetrator’s car was parked behind a nearby motel, the budget inn.

Georgia is one of many states that has enacted legislation often referred to as the “Castle Doctrine.” This legislation allows individuals within their property to use deadly force against intruders that pose a threat to one’s safety.

This important piece of legislation means the victim/hero, in this case, is unlikely to face any criminal charges for making the world a safer place.

Firearms are a key component of American culture, and without one, this woman and her daughter may have been in grave danger at the hands of a criminally insane pedophile.

Studies have concluded that in the United States firearms are used 2.5 million times each year in self-defense, in over 90 percent of these instances merely brandishing a firearm is enough to deter an attack, while eight percent of the time the firearm is discharged to wound or kill a would-be assailant.

Women use firearms approximately 200,000 times annually to protect themselves from sexual assault, as did the woman in this case. There is an old adage, “When seconds count, police are only minutes away.”

This sentiment is reinforced by the fact that armed civilians are responsible for killing twice as many violent criminals each year than police.

Armed citizens also tend to be better marksmen, considering police have an error rate five times higher than armed civilians in shootouts, meaning they are far more likely to kill an innocent civilian with their firearms.

Despite this, Democrats often try to push for gun control legislation and complete bans on certain types of weapons. Obama often pushed a measure for increased gun control in the form of a ban on what he deemed “assault rifles,” and erroneous designation.

The fact is under his administration in 2011, 173 more people were killed with clubs and hammers than were killed by rifles of any type according to FBI crime statistics. Those same year knives killed five times as many people as rifles.

The outcome of this dangerous encounter between an intruder and an armed citizen is a testament to the safety and security owning a firearm provides to civilians.

That woman’s actions have not only saved her and her daughter but other potential victims of attacks by a known pedophile and violent criminal.