PUBLISHED: 12:35 AM 18 Jan 2018
UPDATED: 12:36 AM 18 Jan 2018

Convicted Leaker Responsible For Dead Soldiers Garners Endorsement From Jihad Terror Supporter, Liberals Gush In Happiness

Austin Lewis by

Linda Sarsour, talking about the Black Lives Movement, surrounded by the Muslim Brotherhood and its members. The Muslim Brotherhood remains an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land case, and is an organization known for backing terrorism and terrorists in the Islamic World.

Linda Sarsour, talking about the Black Lives Matter movement, surrounded by the Muslim Brotherhood and its members. The Muslim Brotherhood remains an un-indicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land case, and is an organization known for backing terrorism and terrorists in the Islamic World.

Many Americans were of the opinion that the 2016 election season was a strange one, but that is nothing compared to how strange the 2018 election season is shaping up to be. Strangest of all, however, is the idea that Chelsea Manning (born Bradley Manning), an infamous military traitor and spy, thinks that they can win a seat in the United States Senate as a Senator from Maryland.

Stranger still, Manning, whose leaks cost soldiers their lives, somehow managed to get an endorsement from Jihad apologist and terror supporter Linda Sarsour.  This is baffling indeed, especially considering that Linda Sarsour has built a career on being an apologist and lobbyist for extremist Islam around the world. Somehow, liberals have come together to celebrate the idea that a traitorous and shamed ex-soldier might somehow become a Democrat politician in Maryland.

Indeed, Linda Sarsour was simply ecstatic to show her support for Chelsea Manning, even going so far as to tweet in support of her newfound ally. It is strange that Linda Sarsour would be in favor of Chelsea Manning in any way; after all, Linda Sarsour has built a career on supporting Sharia law, a form of law which treats homosexuals very poorly, and would likely treat men who decided that they were women even worse.

Manning is a name well-known to United States citizens, mostly for Bradley Manning’s willingness to stab his fellow soldiers in the back because he didn’t like the military’s policy concerning open discussions of sexuality or sexual actions.  Because Manning disliked ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ (which targeted people of all sexuality equally), he threw a fit, and leaked sensitive information to WikiLeaks, censoring absolutely nothing and putting soldiers’ lives in danger.

The result is well-known; Manning spent a whopping three years in a military prison, during which time the United States government paid for ‘her’ to ‘transition.’  On his way out of office, President Obama commuted Manning’s sentence, letting her out of prison early, but not pardoning her for her crimes, which qualify as a felony.

Since then, Manning has courted scandal a few times, forcing a prestigious college to dis-invite her and complaining that Canada would not allow her into the country (Canadians tend to prevent people with felonies from coming into the country).  ‘She’ has appeared on various panels as if ‘she’ were some sort of expert, even though ‘she’ lacks any advanced education and was so worthless she couldn’t survive a single enlistment in the United States Army, where ‘she’ had one of the cushiest jobs imaginable. She’s also been tweeting her political opinions incessantly, because there is nothing Americans need to hear more than the opinions of a ‘woman’ who couldn’t make it through three years in the military and flunked out of college after trying to get an English degree.

Chelsea Manning, after years of hormone replacement therapy funded by taxpayers. When they were known as Bradley Manning, they were a soldier with a cushy job who threw a fit because they didn’t like Don’t Ask Don’t Tell as a military policy, and so Manning decided to leak files that eventually got people killed. Now, Manning thinks she can be a U.S. Senator.

Why and how the two came to be allies is hard to fathom, to be frank, as is the idea that even the DNC would support Chelsea Manning.  Sure, Chelsea may have ticked off all the right boxes for the Democrat party’s ‘Oppression Olympics’ ballot, but that doesn’t make her qualified.  In fact, Chelsea Manning is one of the least accomplished people to run for national office in the last thirty years.

The only conceivable reason that Linda Sarsour, who shills for a religion that vehemently despises that Chelsea Manning even EXISTS, would ever support Manning is because Sarsour supports anything that she sees as anti-American, and it’s hard to find a more anti-American politician than Chelsea Manning.  Depending on the day, Chelsea Manning’s politics range from socialism to hardcore authoritarianism with a communist bent; neither of these stances are in line with making America a better place to live.

One need only look at the company that Sarsour has surrounded herself with to see that she doesn’t have American interests at heart in any way.  Louis Farrakhan and Jeremiah Wright are not ‘pro-America’.  Her strange claims that the underwear bomber, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, was working with the CIA don’t sound like the words of someone who loves America (or who is sane).

A shining example of the political brilliance that Chelsea Manning brings to the table. It’s like someone took standard socialist/DNC talking points, through in some emojis, and vomited it onto a Twitter page.

If there is any positive to take away from Sarsour’s support of Manning, it is that Sarsour has a terrible record for supporting winners.  She supported Bernie Sanders, even acting as his surrogate (another reason to never vote for him).  She supported Hillary Clinton after that, who also lost.  She herself ran for a position in New York City, finishing third.

However, that does not mean that Manning losing in Maryland is a sure thing.  Maryland is a heavily blue state, where Hillary Clinton managed to lead Donald Trump by 26 percent in the 2016 election.  Though everything about Manning may be a joke, and though she may be legally barred from holding an elected position (especially one that would require a security clearance), it is still worrisome that Chelsea Manning could even enter the race.

Hopefully, the election will be just another failure in a long life filled with them for Chelsea Manning.  If not, Maryland will truly be the kind of place where ANYONE can get elected, no matter how unfit they are for office.