PUBLISHED: 7:13 PM 10 Jan 2018

Convicted Jihadi Won’t Be Deported: U.N. “Amnesty” Forces Government To Agree

Amnesty International is now protecting terrorists from being held accountable.

Amnesty International is now protecting terrorists from being held accountable.

While a dramatic increase in violence and crime is stemming from Muslim migrants throughout Europe, one nation is working to appease these radical Islamic jihadists rather than protect its citizens.

The German government has stopped the deportation of a jihadist back to Turkey because they fear he may be subjected to harsh treatments when he arrives there.

Germany fears that the jihadist will be tortured by the Turkey government, but doesn’t seem concerned with the fact that a German court found him guilty of supporting a terror group.

The man traveled to Syria to join the Islamic State terrorist group, and there is also a court case against him in Turkey for being linked to terrorism.

But the jihadi received cover from Amnesty International, a left-wing group who claims his human rights will be violated if he is sent to Turkey, which allegedly has horrendous conditions.

Because this left-wing group claimed the jihadi will be tortured in Turkey, Germany halted his deportation and will continue to allocate taxpayer funds to protect him.

This is exactly why most of Europe has been engulfed with violence and crime from radical Islamic terrorists because some of these governments are more focused on appeasing jihadist than holding them accountable for their sick actions.

These terrorists are plotting, scheming, and actively working toward killing innocent people, but apparently, that doesn’t concern Germany.

These radical Islamic terrorists have made it clear they want to kill innocent people, promote Islam, destroy the West, slaughter homosexuals, and reduce women to slaves bound to their husbands, but Germany and Amnesty International believe they deserve to be protected and given freedom.

Thankfully, President Trump doesn’t cower to such insane policies and has worked to ensure we keep our nation safe from these threats.

Source: InfoWars