Felon Congressional Run

PUBLISHED: 9:55 PM 1 Jun 2018

Convicted Felon Running For Congress After Democratic Governor Restores Rights

He threatened to kill former President George W. Bush and is an admitted child predator.

Thanks to a democratic governor restoring 60,000 felons' rights, a child predator is running for Congress.

Democrats increasingly prove that they care about just about everyone except for patriotic America citizens, innocents such as children, and leaders who strive to improve the country. While this is often a mere annoyance, it sometimes proves to be dangerous, as is the case in a convicted felon running for Congress thanks to a democratic governor pardoning his crimes.

Yet the crimes of the hopeful candidate are not ones to be taken lightly. Conversely, they involve formally threatening to kill the president of the United States as well as promoting rape, pedophilia, and incest. Disgustingly, this is apparently the type of person who democrats are eager to support.

While no reasonable politician or voter would support such as candidate, former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe restored up to 60,000 felons’ rights in 2016.

He had originally attempted to award leniency to over 200,000, but the Supreme Court determined that “the governor’s blanket amnesty order exceeded his legal authority.”

However, Nathan Larson from Virginia is a convicted felon who is taking advantage of such pardoning in order to run for office as an independent candidate.

Yet Larson is far from a model citizen as in 2008, he formally threatened then-President George W. Bush in an email to the Secret Service.

In it, he wrote, “I am writing to inform you that in the near future, I will kill the President of the United States of America,” followed by his ‘reasoning’ to do so along with his intended methods.

In 2009, he “was sentenced to 16 months in prison” for his crimes.

Under normal circumstances in Virginia, Larson would be ineligible to run for any public office or to vote, yet McAuliffe has now made this possible.

Obviously, a person with the intention to kill the president should never be voted into office; however, confessions into his private life are the most disturbing. Larson has repeatedly admitted to being a pedophile “who bragged in blog posts about raping his ex-wife and fantasized online about having sex with young children.”

Unfortunately, it only gets worse, as Larson reportedly oversees “a rape-obsessed pedophilia fantasy website.” He has also horrifically “repeatedly expressed a desire to have sex with infants and children, including his own daughter” and is a self-proclaimed advocate for “legalizing incestuous marriage.”

The devastating reality is that individuals with these types of sick tendencies exist and often prey on the vulnerable. However, they usually keep such urges to themselves, and they most certainly are not to be considered for any position of authority.

Yet Larson appears to be proud of his sickness, proving just how dangerous he may be.

Instead of taking the platform of being a sick man who needs help, Larson claims that his outspokenness is combating political correctness and that “people prefer when there’s an outsider who doesn’t have anything to lose and is willing to say what’s on a lot of people’s minds.”

That angle may work in describing political rebels such as President Donald Trump; however, it is certainly not applicable to a sexual predator considering that child abuse is not ‘on a lot of people’s minds’ except in attempting to combat it.

To protect future potential victims, Larson should be investigated to determine if he has ever acted on his pedophilia and, at the very least, have his websites shut down for promoting this type of horrific activity.

By suggesting that “plenty of women have rape fantasies,” he is openly promoting sexual assault yet is being hypocritically supported by a liberal who is expected to back the #MeToo and similar movements.

However, it appears that McAuliffe did not properly research the felons he would be restoring rights to or simply did not care, as it is important to note that among Larson’s questionable lifestyle preferences, he is also an advocate for ‘benevolent white supremacy’ and idolizes Hitler.

If elected, Larson could prove to be a danger not only to other politicians who he may threaten to kill as he did with Bush but also in advocating for outrageous legislation.

In the past, “he urged Congress to repeal the Violence Against Women Act” saying that “we need to switch to a system that classifies women as property.”

While Larson’s sickness is disturbing, it is thankfully working against his platform, as he has reported that he is more concerned about his twisted websites remaining on the Internet than he is of his political campaign.

One could continue tirelessly about Larson being a disgusting predator and a security threat; however, McAuliffe is to blame for allowing him to get to this point in his political ‘career’ and just shows how ridiculous liberals are in pardoning criminals.

As a democrat, McAuliffe would appear unlikely to support someone who utters phrases such as “Don’t forget: feminism is the problem, and rape is the solution,” yet Larson is the next Congressional candidate.