Border Wall Construction Begins

PUBLISHED: 9:15 PM 22 Feb 2018

Construction Begins On Border Wall In California

Construction has begun in California to build Trump's wall along southern border.

Texas residents receive letters from government to survey their land for border wall.

The federal government is erecting President Donald Trump’s big, beautiful wall across the southern border between the United States and Mexico.

The first wall contract awarded by the Trump administration will replace the current barrier made of recycled metal scraps and use a concrete wall in southern California.

While California environmentalists are following cases from Omaha, Nebraska, to block SWF from beginning their work, Customs and Border Protection have made it clear that the wall will be built.

CBP will oversee and assist in the construction process that will build the roughly two-mile wall in Calexico.

The current barrier in the border city was built from metal scraps and landing mat in the 1990s, which is noneffective and doesn’t secure our border from threats.

The new wall will be 30-feet tall and visually represent what Trump wants along most parts of the U.S. southern border, to keep illegals and drugs out of our country.

In order to secure funding for the entire border wall, the Trump administration is asking for at least $18 billion as part of a deal with Democrats to find a legislative solution to the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

Trump is asking for an end or strong reduction in chain migration and the immigration diversity lottery as well as a $25 billion “trust fund” for a wall system in all areas not protected by natural barriers.

In exchange, Trump is willing to allow a pathway to citizenship to 1.8 million DACA beneficiaries, giving them the opportunity to go through the legal process of becoming a U.S. citizen after being properly vetted. They will be allowed to remain in the country during that process.

It’s a deal that gives both sides exactly what they want, which is why Democrats are balking and refusing to accept it.

Trump has vowed to protect the Americans by whatever means are necessary, and now we will see if Democrats care more about protecting legal citizens or illegal aliens.

Many are ready to see that big, beautiful wall!

Source: MSN