Black Journalist Stabbed

PUBLISHED: 1:40 PM 30 Jul 2020
UPDATED: 5:54 PM 30 Jul 2020

Conservative Journalist Stabbed In The Back By ‘Protestor’

These people aren’t protestors, they are violent criminals using fascist tactics to force their political view.

Terrible. (Source: Citizen Free Press YouTube Screenshot)

Andrew Duncomb, a conservative journalist and Trump supporter, was stabbed in the back by a white Portland ‘protestor’ on Saturday. The videographer goes by the handle the “Black Rebel,” and he says that he was attacked for being a “conservative journalist.”

The Daily Mail reported:

He believes that people familiar with his work – which frequently features staunch defenses of conservative causes – had alerted activists that he would be at the Portland protest soon after he arrived.

He said that he and a few friends that were with him noticed a group of people was trailing them just before 2.30am on Saturday.

After traveling a several blocks with the people still on their tail, Duncomb said he handed his camera to a friend before he decided to confront one of the men in the group.

In the video obtained by Oregon Live that friend is heard saying: ‘Someone’s stalking us,’ as Duncomb is seen walking up to the man, whose face was obscured by a respirator and goggles.

‘Hey buddy, why are you following us?’ Duncomb says as he approaches the man from behind and places his arm around the man’s shoulder.

A split-second later the man is seen thrusting a knife into Duncomb’s lower back without saying a word as Duncomb falls backward and shouts: ‘Ow!’

The suspect, identified as 43-year-old Blake David Hampe, looks toward Duncomb as his friends shout: ‘Did you just stab him?’

‘The adrenaline just soared through me,’ Duncomb recounted.

‘I had a can of bear mace and a knife on me, too. But I didn’t want to endanger innocent bystanders.’

He was then transported to a hospital, where he learned the blade had come within inches of his spinal cord.

The knife-wielding man, identified in court records as 43-year-old Blake David Hampe, was arrested by police at the scene.

Hampe was charged with second-degree assault and unlawful use of a weapon and is now being held in jail on $250,000 bond.

A probable cause affidavit quotes Hampe as telling investigators that Duncomb had ‘set up’ on him and tried to choke him, though that version of events was not supported by the video.  

Duncomb maintains that the attack was planned – but says it isn’t going to deter him from continuing his coverage when his wound heals.

‘I’m not going to let them intimidate me for going back out,’ he said.

‘I wasn’t meant to die. It wasn’t my time to go.’

Duncomb spoke out about the incident on Wednesday, which marked the 63rd consecutive night of protests in Portland.

The de-escalation plan calls for the US Marshals Service and Federal Protective Service agents to remain inside a fence set up around the federal courthouse, along with some state police, to keep protesters out. State police will also be outside the fence to keep protesters back.

‘I want to be clear about this, the entire DHS law enforcement presence in Portland will remain in Portland, whether they’re staying inside the courthouse, next door or a different location.’