Unmasking Move Stuns

PUBLISHED: 3:56 PM 15 Aug 2019
UPDATED: 3:57 PM 15 Aug 2019

Congressman Takes Aim At Antifa and White Supremacist ‘Cowards’

The law would provide serious penalties for anyone who commits a crime wearing a mask, like the antifa thugs and other mask-wearing fascists.

Don't expect dems to vote against their historc support of the KKK or their current support of Antifa fascists.

At least one lawmaker from Tennessee is trying to do something about the fascist tactics, crimes and intimidation that has pervaded the leftist extremes of society.

White Supremacists and Antifa criminals who wear masks to commit heinous acts of violence and other infractions would face serious punishments if the legislation is passed.

Local affiliate WSET reported:

U.S. Congressman from Tennessee says legislation he’s introduced is aimed at unmasking “cowards” in the anti-fascist group Antifa.

The ‘Unmasking Antifa Act‘ was introduced by U.S. Representative Tim Burchett, a Republican from Knoxville’s 2nd District.

The bill would issue fines and/or imprisonment for up to 15 years for any individual who wears a mask or disguise while committing a crime, including threatening or intimidating another individual exercising their constitutional rights or privileges.

Burchett says while the bill is aimed at the group, it would apply more broadly. “This applies to the Klan too,” Burchett says. Under the bill, anyone wearing a mask while committing a crime would be subject to the punishment.

“I don’t think these cowards would act like they do if they had to show their faces,” Burchett tells FOX 17 News.

A local Antifa organizer in Nashville disagrees, saying the masks are part of protecting the safety of protesters.

[Possibly, that’s what the Klan argued too.]

Corey Lemley has been a longtime organizer in Middle Tennessee and says while he personally doesn’t choose to wear a mask, he understands the need. “These white supremacists will dox Antifa members, identifying them and publishing personal information on sites like 8 chan,” Lemley says.

[Oh, does he mean like the doxing that occurs on a daily basis, carried out by Antifa thugs in an attempt to threaten, intimidate, and harm private individuals?]

Congressman Burchett disagrees, citing the reported assault of a conservative journalist in Portland in June. “I don’t think these cowards would act like they do if they had to show their faces,” Rep. Burchett says.

Lemley says any violence which takes place is “self defense.”

Rep. Burchett says the bill includes anyone wearing a mask and rebukes the idea groups like Antifa are “oppressed.”

“How are they oppressed? They park their BMWs around the corner and come to protest,” Burchett says. “They have to wear masks cause they have no guts. They cause damage, beat people up, they’re anarchists.”

Rep. Burchett is putting the bill on his fellow legislators as similar attempts have failed in the past. “I hope this Congress has more guts,” Burchett says. “I don’t like bullies on any level. I think we need to pass it. Whatever it does, it’s on the Democrats, they control everything in the House.”

Rep. Burchett’s bill was introduced on July 25 as H.R. 4003. It was referred to the House Committee on the Judiciary.