Obama Partisan Hacking

PUBLISHED: 9:49 PM 21 Jun 2018
UPDATED: 10:42 PM 21 Jun 2018

Congressional Testimony Exposes Obama Civil Rights And Spying Abuses

The testimony shows that the various intelligence agencies played a number of political games with their power and authority.

Congressional testimony exposed that the Obama administration abused their power and authority to spy on Americans on Donald Trump's campaign, in clear violation of a number of regulations on such activity.

There are already multiple accounts that suggest the Barack Obama administration, and many of the executive agencies at its command, took steps to spy on the Donald Trump campaign leading up to the 2016 presidential election. Currently, most of those center around the Federal Bureau of Investigation and their abuses of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act and its courts.

However, testimony and reports from multiple sources suggest that the Obama presidency was also abusing the National Security Agency to spy on the Trump campaign. If it is true that the NSA launched a surveillance campaign on the former president’s political rivals, and former CIA Director Brennan was involved, that could be even worse than claims that the FBI and ‘deep state’ colluded to undermine the President.

Is this why the media has been running that ‘illegal immigrant child separation’ story so much, to cover up this misdeed?

According to numerous sources, the campaign that would eventually see Donald J. Trump in the role of the most powerful man on the planet fell victim to a number of ‘privacy breaches.’

By ‘privacy breaches,’ they mean that the Obama administration’s minions appear to have utilized the power of the federal government and three-letter agencies to spy on a political opponent.

A report in Circa News last month pointed out that the NSA during the last presidency was historically opaque in its dealings, and outright refused to abide by rules and regulations, and even laws, set in place to protect civil rights.

According to a classified report the news agency viewed, more than 5 percent of searches seeking data concerning internet use by American citizens were performed in complete violation of 2011 safeguards and regulations that both the former President and his intelligence chiefs promised to abide by.

In other words, the Obama-era intelligence agencies didn’t seem fettered by the rules, something that civil libertarians like Rand Paul continuously warned Americans about.

However, the most alarming portion of the story is not that the number of searches for ‘upstream internet data’ ballooned under the former president’s leadership. Most concerning is that a large number of searches were made from the White House.

Those searches just happened to include data from a number of individuals who were actively working on the Trump campaign.

Some of those people searched also just ‘happened’ to be revealed to the media, ‘unmasked’ some might say.

Barack Obama’s Central Intelligence Agency chief, John Brennan, was questioned in front of Congress on Tuesday. Among other things that he said, he pointed out that the infamous Christopher Steele dossier did not “in any way” factor into their assessment that Russia interfered in the election, or that it colluded with the Trump campaign in any way.

According to Obama’s Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, the government did not use the infamous dossier because they could not corroborate any portion of it, including the alleged sourcing.

That begs the question, “why did Brennan decide to attach the document” to the official report for Obama after Donald Trump won?

By attaching such unverified and salacious claims to a report that democrats on the hill would see, Brennan almost guaranteed that the report would be leaked to outlets like MSNBC and BuzzFeed.

Those who spent decades at Langley, in the service of the CIA, said that Brennan was known for his sycophantic behavior toward Hillary Clinton.

Indeed, according to agents like Gene Coyle, a former field operations officer, the chief was a known and public supporter of the 2016 Clinton campaign.

Unlike his predecessors, he broke with tradition and made it quite obvious that he backed Mrs. Clinton for the next president.

His deputy, Mike Morell, even publicly endorsed then-candidate Clinton in the New York Times, and also claimed that candidate Trump was an ‘unwitting agent’ of Moscow.

That’s a strange comment for him to make, especially given that his boss, Brennan, was a radical leftist who voted for the Communist Party in America during the Cold War.

The deeper the investigation into the 2016 election and events leading up to it goes, the more it seems certain that Barack Obama and his minions sought to abuse their power and authority.

Many civil libertarians have warned about giving the government power to act unaccountably, specifically naming FISA courts, the NSA, and the CIA, for years.

It appears that they were right, and that someone did come along who was willing to use the tools at their disposal to spy on political opponents. Almost as if they were part of the old Communist Party in the USSR, or something.