GOP Measure Defunds UN Body

PUBLISHED: 8:10 PM 14 Feb 2018

Congressional Resolution Defunds Anti-Israel UN Body

Congress eyes defunding anti-Israel UN body.

Congress is considering defunding the anti-Israel UN body.

Rep. Joe Wilson is launching a massive legislation measure that would defund the United Nation’s Human Rights Council due to its blatant anti-Israel bias and support for terrorist regimes.

The South Carolina Republican’s resolution calls for the UNHRC to alter it’s biased policies against Israel or risk losing $23 million in funding from the U.S.

Wilson’s resolution, which is circulating among other lawmakers on Capitol Hill, details how the UNHRC has carried out deliberate actions for years that intentionally seek to harm Israel.

The legislative measure makes it clear the U.S., under President Donald Trump’s leadership, will leave the council and withdraw all funding if reforms are not made.

“My view is it is so off base that we should make every effort to reform it or withdraw from the organization,” Wilson said.

During the 2016-2017 session, when former President Barack Obama was in office, the left-wing UNHRC declared Israel as the top human rights violator in the world.

Not Saudi Arabia, North Korea, or Iran — Israel.

In that same time period, the council issued 78 resolutions and decisions condemning our strongest ally in the Middle East.

Wilson’s resolution seeks to apply the same strategy employed by Trump last year when he threatened to pull the United States out of NATO if it didn’t force all of its members to pay their required fees.

All members are required to pay three percent of their annual GDP, but many failed to do so for years.

NATO immediately adhered to Trump’s threat and ordered all members to begin making adequate payments.

It set the tone worldwide that Trump was done playing games and allowing the U.S. to be taken advantage of by other nations and organizations.

That is exactly what Trump is doing now. If the UNHRC alters its biased, scathing policies against Israel, it is a big win for America and our allies being treated fairly.

If they don’t change their Obama-era policies, then the U.S. will abide by Wilson’s resolution — assuming it passes in Congress — to withdraw the U.S. and all of our funding from the body.

Unlike Obama, Trump has made it clear that he stands with Israel and will not side with terrorist regimes like Iran and North Korea.

Source: The Western Journal