PUBLISHED: 8:18 PM 21 Dec 2017

JUST IN: Congress Veterans Urge DoJ To Explore Syria Hezbollah Link As Obama’s Sins Return

Obama's deals he made to secure the Iran nuclear deal are coming back to haunt him.

Obama’s deals he made to secure the Iran nuclear deal are coming back to haunt him.

It is an unlucky situation for former President Obama–combat veterans who have become Congressmen. A new bipartisan effort just began to urge yet another Justice Department investigation—this time into shady Syria dealings by the Obama administration.

The Congressional vets think that the Syrian regime and its brutal leader President Bashar al-Assad were responsible for targeting American troops who fought in the Iraq War.

Steve Russell (R-Oklahoma) and Seth Moulton (D- Massachusetts) wrote a formal letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions on December 7. In the letter, the veterans say that Assad aided terrorist groups during the period of 2003 to 2009. Specifically, they say that Assad “assisted these terrorist groups to cross from Syria and enter into Iraq specifically seeking to target American troops resulting in casualties and serious injuries.”

Congressional vets are urging Sessions to investigate.

Russell and Moulton are referring to American troops participating in Operation Iraqi Freedom and say, “to this day, American veterans and their families continue to suffer the consequences of the reprehensible actions of these terrorists supported by Bashar al-Assad.”

The congressmen are urging DOJ to open a case against Assad, stating his crimes and violation of international law. American intelligence officers have already confirmed that Assad was directly involved in making sure that both arms and Arab/Iranian troops and militias crossed into Iraq from Syria with the specific intent to wound and kill American soldiers. The militias were funded by Iran but aided by Syria.

U.S. military intelligence estimates that about 10 percent of soldier deaths were directly caused by the soldiers Assad brought in. That amounts to about 500 deaths.

Syrian Leader Assad, second from right, seen his with his top military officials.

There is compelling evidence against Assad, including a 2003 letter signed by both Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and Secretary of State Colin Powell warning Syria to stop aiding and abetting transport of equipment and personnel across the Syrian border into Iraq.

Furthermore, retired Army General John M. Keane said there is clear evidence that Syria helped Al Qaeda fighters move from the Damascus airport to Syria’s eastern border so they could easily move into Iraq. Keane is now a Fox News senior strategic analyst who appears frequently as a guest on shows like Hannity and other Fox programs.

The problem lasted several years. Even as late as 2009, Iraq’s Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki described the Syrian interference by saying that “90 percent of foreign terrorists of all different Arab nationalities were infiltrating Iraq via Syrian territory.”

Assad helped terrorist cross the Syrian border into Iraq to kill American soldiers.

Allies in the region say Assad provided the critical infrastructure needed to keep terrorism going—equipment, al Qaeda fighters, and lots of replenishment.

Moulton and Russell are taking it one step further, saying that Assad continued even after 2009. Syria and Iran worked together to provide militias from groups like Al Qaeda and Hezbollah. Now, they want the world to hold Assad accountable for his terrorism.

Assad continues to deny all of this. He had Hillary fooled. In 2011, she referred to Assad as a reformer, even though he is a brutal dictator known for his use of bloody military force to keep the peace. Assad took over when his father died in 2000; dear old dad was known for killing 25,000 people all at once.

Assad has been Syria’s dictator for nearly 20 years.

Still, it’s incredible to believe that Assad fooled Obama as well. Or maybe Obama knew fully well what was going on, but needed his Iran nuclear deal to pass, so he looked the other way. How could Assad assist terrorism for more than six years and get away with it? How could Obama support the Iran nuclear deal which gave them sweeping nuclear power when he knew that Iran was directly responsible for 500 American military deaths? It makes one wonder.

As we are all now learning, Obama seems to have made a habit out of looking the other way when it comes to Syria, Iran and groups like Hezbollah. Republicans in Congress are now looking into claims that Obama’s administration looked the other way in a case for Hezbollah’s drug-trafficking and money-laundering operations. Why? To keep the spotlight off any negative situation that might keep his Iran nuclear deal from passing. It seems that at all costs, Obama wanted it to stay on track.

It appears that Obama gave Hezbollah a free pass in the DEA case and did not hold them responsible from bringing cocaine into the United States or for trafficking weapons of mass destruction. Jeff Sessions is one busy attorney general. Now, Republicans Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) and Ron DeSantis (R-Florida), both who serve on the House Oversight Committee, are urging Sessions to require the Justice Department to turn over all related documents. Time will tell how this plays out.