Congress To Condemn?

PUBLISHED: 4:30 PM 23 Sep 2018

Congress To Vote On Illegal Immigrant Vote Resolution

The resolution would admonish a number of jurisdictions that have floated the idea of allowing illegal immigrants to vote in the upcoming election.

Congress is preparing to vote on a resolution concerning illegal immigrants and their 'right' to vote in local elections.

Since President Donald Trump took office, ‘sanctuary’ cities and states have been a hotly-debated topic across the nation. While leftists seemed happy to celebrate the idea that they could thumb their noses at immigration laws, some paid the price, such as Kathryn Steinle. A number of leftist jurisdictions have even taken this idea a step further, and decided to allow illegals to vote in ‘local’ elections.

The Congressional House is prepared to take the first step toward doing something about these jurisdictions that openly break immigration and citizenship laws, however. The House Majority Leader has announced that next week, there will be a vote on the topic. The “McCarthy” vote on sanctuary cities certainly doesn’t bode well for the political future of democrats.

That vote will be on a resolution, offered up by House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, a republican from California’s 23rd Congressional District, admonishing jurisdictions that have adopted rules and legislation that would allow illegal immigrants to vote for ‘local’ politicians in the 2018 election cycle.

Democrats are, of course, expected to oppose the measure. After all, allowing illegal immigrants to vote was their idea, and would likely provide them with extra votes.

Still, McCarthy put forward a two-page resolution, which would admonish states that choose to allow illegal immigrants to vote.

In the text he introduced, the republican Congressman singled out San Francisco, California, in particular.

The text also stated that giving the vote to illegal immigrants, who have no right to be in the United States in the first place, undermined the integrity of the election system, and diminished the voting power of citizens in the United States of America.

The left has discussed allowing illegals to vote across the nation, mostly in hard-left areas like Boston and San Francisco, where their agenda would meet little resistance.

Another jurisdiction that discussed taking the ‘sanctuary’ idea one step further was Chicago, a city mired in debt after decades of leftist control of local politics.

Of course, allowing illegal immigrants to vote would disenfranchise citizens, whose votes would have less impact in local politics.

It would also allow leftist politicians to maintain a stranglehold on local politics in places they have long held sway, and provide them with even less reason to consider the right-leaning individuals they ‘represent.’

In an interview with Breitbart News, Kevin McCarthy said that allowing illegal immigrants to vote would “weaken the power” of law-abiding Americans, including naturalized citizens, the people who, through patience and good behavior, have earned the right to call themselves Americans.

Perhaps the most important thing that this vote could accomplish, however, is to draw a clear comparison and contrast between the politics of the republicans and democrats.

Republicans have generally been the party that supported immigration law and enforcing America’s borders.

Meanwhile, democrats and their leftist allies, like ‘independent’ Bernie Sanders, have repeatedly made statements that not only would they like to give the vote to people who illegally crossed America’s borders, but that they would like to disband the Border Patrol or United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

While republicans were fighting in an attempt to uphold the borders, democrats decided to let those who crossed them without permit have a say in local politics.

Many have suggested that democrats will likely vote along party lines against the resolution, which will do nothing more than acknowledge that the policy enacted in San Francisco, Cambridge, and Chicago is bad for American citizens, and for the American election process.

McCarthy has recently been involved in a number of similar votes, including one which aimed to praise ICE officers for their dedication to protecting America’s borders.

During that vote, the majority of the democrats in Congress voted present, instead of voting ‘yea’ to praise the employees of the federal government immigration agency or ‘nay’ to not do so.

He also said that the way the democrats treated ICE employees and others charged with controlling the United States border showed that they were the “New Socialist Democrat Party,” (Nazis) rather than the moderate albeit left-leaning party of party legends like John F. Kennedy or Tip O’Neill.

His assertion certainly appeared to be correct when democrats in far-left areas nominated people who openly declared themselves socialists (or ‘democratic socialists’) such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

While McCarthy’s resolution would do little more than highlight the dichotomy of stances in the American political world, it is a good step to take, and a wise (if not cunning) way to show voters an important difference between democrats and republicans before the 2018 election season.