Congress Gets Raise

PUBLISHED: 9:28 PM 23 Mar 2018
UPDATED: 10:09 PM 23 Mar 2018

Congress Quietly Increases Their Pay With New Spending Bill

They complained about having no time to read it but they likely knew this was in it.

Congress got a pay raise, which may have been all that they bothered to read.

It must be nice to be a member of Congress, a place where everyone is given a magic pen that allows them to simply write in more money when needed and POOF!…there it is. That is the case as the “House and Senate increased their own budgets in the $1.3 trillion omnibus spending package,” a fact confirmed by the Free Beacon.

The U.S. Senate “increased its total salaries of officers and employees by $12.6 million in the 2,232-page bill,” even though there were only 48 hours to read the massive tome. Then again, if free money was being handed out like concert flyers, how many members were going to complain?

So, there won’t be a government shutdown, yet at what cost? The U.S. lawmakers and the House of Representatives did not even read what they signed into law.

On top of padding their own pocketbooks nicely, the new omnibus “gives away millions to prevent ‘elderly falls,’ promote breastfeeding, and fight ‘excessive alcohol use.’” While stopping the elderly from falling can be seen as a matter that government may engage in (since it leads to a healthy populace), things like alcohol intake are for each person to decide for themselves, not to have taxpayers fund.

At work here is just pure waste and overspending. This “increases the Senate budget to $919.9 million, up $48.8 million from fiscal year 2017,” according to the bill’s summary.

The increase provides funding necessary for critical modernization and upgrades of the Senate financial management system and investments in IT security,” it also says. However, while such words sound quite noble, America is basically a bankrupted nation that is held up by paper money which most of the world is growing weary of.

Therefore, as over $1 trillion has been added to the national debt in just a year, this was a terrible addition!

Money is being shelled out for as $15 million went to study “high obesity counties” and the A.T.F. is getting money to improve “wine label accuracy.” After all, how can any nation thrive if the wine labels are wrong?

So fat raises are given to everyone in D.C. who so much as shows up to sign a bill that they did not read and to preach to everyone about how much they drink.

If this bill were any bluer, it could be argued that there were no real republicans in Washington at all.