Congress Ignorant

PUBLISHED: 4:36 PM 15 Apr 2019

Congress Not “Smart Enough” To Determine Anything From Trump’s Taxes

Sarah Sanders opened up on democrats yesterday, rightfully explaining that this group of politicians does not have the ability to understand or determine anything from the president’s taxes.

She's right.

On “Fox News Sunday,” White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders blasted democrat congressional attempts to force the Internal Revenue Service to hand over President Trump’s taxes for the last six years.

The highly partisan hit job is the democrats’ latest grasp for a single straw they can use against Donald Trump in the 2020 election.

They have nothing else.

After pinning all their base hopes on the Mueller report, when that came up empty, they’ve set their sights on Trump’s taxes.

Sanders outlined the problem with this idea beautifully:

CHRIS WALLACE: Will the president demand that the IRS not turn over his tax returns or will he live — this is I think pretty close to yes or no — will he live with what whatever the IRS decides?

SARAH SANDERS: The president has been clear from the beginning, as long as his taxes are under audit, he’s not going to release them. He’s also filled out hundreds of pages and financial disclosures.

WALLACE: Will he tell the IRS not to release them though?

SANDERS: We’ll have to see what happens on that front. But the president has been clear. This issue has even been litigated. We went through it in 2016. But one of the biggest things that I think people aren’t seeing is the fact that the only reason that the Oversight Committee has the ability to request someone’s taxes or for the purpose of determining policy.

This has nothing to do with whether or not they’re going to determine policy. This is all about political partisanship.

This is a dangerous, dangerous road and frankly, Chris, I don’t think Congress, particularly not this group of congressmen and women, are smart enough to look through the thousands of pages that I would assume that President Trump’s taxes will be.

My guess is most of them don’t do their own taxes and I certainly don’t trust them to look through the decades of success that the president has and determine anything. He has filled out hundreds of pages in a financial disclosure form.

And I think it’s a disgusting overreach they are making when they’re not doing this based on policy. It puts every American who has filled out tax reform or tax forms in the past —

WALLACE: This is a yes or no question. Have you filed — have you filed your taxes yet?

SANDERS: I’m almost finished. I’m in the process. I need a couple more days. I get them in before it’s time.

Most likely, she’s right. The tax problems of democrats’ is notorious.

Elizabeth Warren claimed she made ‘mistakes’ on massive donation deductions. The Boston Herald exposed:

Warren and her husband, Bruce Mann, last year made $913,442, and put in for $81,858 in charitable deductions, according to tax returns on her campaign website.

In the five years before that, the couple wrote off a total of $190,734 in charitable deductions, records show.

And they claimed donations for clothes. The pair wrote off $2,545 in 2014, returns show, after they gave what they reported as clothing originally purchased for $50,000 to Big Brothers Big Sisters and Dress for Success.

But Warren’s campaign corrected that value downward yesterday after the Herald called about the deduction. A spokeswoman said the couple made a mistake on the 2014 tax returns, saying the actual original value of donated clothing that year was about $8,000. But she insisted that error didn’t affect the amount the couple ended up paying.

Likewise, Nancy Pelosi is no stranger to fraud. The company her son helped found was being run by two high-profile criminals and Pelosi herself owned 10 million shares. The ‘company’ described as pursuing ‘environmentally friendly’ ventures was charged with SEC violations.

As much as democrats wish it, it isn’t likely that the returns will be handed over anytime soon. In fact, President Trump has said he’ll gladly hand them out as soon as the audit is finished.

Until then, the intellectually challenged liberals in congress will simply have to gnash their teeth.