Dem Bribery Exposed

PUBLISHED: 6:35 PM 29 Jun 2018

Congress Hacker Sold Democrat Lawmaker Security Contracts For Bribes

Pakistani IT tech to top Democrats, Imran Awan, had so much power that lawmakers do ‘his exact bidding.’

Wasserman Schultz “would encourage newly elected members to hire Imran or put his relatives on the payroll with the understanding that Imran was the one who would actually do the work.” That’s against the rules.

Pakistani IT “wonder wizard” Imran Awan, originally hired by Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) had so much power over several Democrat lawmakers that they did whatever he wanted, even bribery. “I can’t articulate how loyal they were to him. I’d say I’d do [tech services] for a quarter of [what members were paying Imran] and they’d say no,” a whistle-blower says

A high-level Department of Justice official confirmed that they know the witness, and are aware he’s ready to testify about treasonous Awan family fraud, theft, corruption, and bribery, but “no law enforcement ever even tried to interview” anyone in the vendor’s company. There is a lot of speculation that Awan was holding what he found in Democrat lawmaker’s computers over their heads–blackmail.

He may have been the “hacker” that leaked sensitive emails to WikiLeaks, not the Russians as Democrats insist, or he may have committed treason, stealing countless confidential secrets.

“He has that much power,” the vendor continued. “How the hell did he have enough control over a member that by 8 a.m. the member has done his exact bidding? If you were a new member who just got elected don’t you think they’d be like, ‘Well, why are we switching, you told me yesterday the other was better?’”

Imran told the witness, “There is this new member from Florida named Graham, let’s make a deal and I’ll get you into this office.” What Imran wanted was a cash bribe. He showed a contract, already signed, with the vendor’s name on it. When the IT professional told Imran that doing so would be illegal and refused, Imran yanked the deal. Bright and early the next day, Imran was back in his office with a signed rescission of the contract. Overnight, Rep. Gwen Graham (D-Fla.) decided to “go with Lockheed instead.”

The whistle-blowing IT professional is unnamed because he’s also a Democrat and continues to work for Democrats. His inside position leads him to believe that the DOJ is “actively against policing” the fraud he uncovered. He also “believes that Imran’s alleged breach is a major national security and public corruption incident.”

He wants to “pursue the truth” but so far, nobody wants to hear it, so the unidentified security vendor has been working closely with The Daily Caller News Foundation to get the truth out to the public.

Soon after Imran Awan was hired by Rep. Wasserman Schultz, who not only was a congressional lawmaker but also the head of the Democratic National Committee, his entire family was on the payroll.

Wasserman Schultz “would encourage newly elected members to hire Imran or put his relatives on the payroll with the understanding that Imran was the one who would actually do the work.”

That’s against the rules.

After Imran worked for a while as an IT aide for Wasserman Schultz’ congressional office, he and members of his family started working for other lawmakers, particularly from Florida.

According to an Inspector General for the congressional House, the Awans frequently accessed congressional computers without authorization in 2016.

Everyone in the House of Representatives has ducked the issue and not a single action has been taken to investigate further.

Imran Awan was arrested at the airport as he tried to flee back to his native Pakistan, but so far, has only been charged with bank fraud, not a single espionage, theft or other meaningful charge.

The witness is prepared to testify in detail about the scheme Awan laid out for him, regarding falsifying invoices to get around the rules. Anything over $500 has to be reported but by breaking the price into pieces, the money can come out of petty cash without a trace of where it goes.

For instance, an $800 laptop with $35 extended warranty could be billed at 499 for the laptop and a separate $336 for the warranty. The untraceable equipment purchased that way headed straight for Pakistan, the IG reports.

There is more than a good chance that each and every device was loaded with sensitive classified secret information stolen from congressional computers.

As soon as Rep. Graham was elected, she hired Imran Awan’s 21-year-old brother, Jamal Awan, “part-time” for $20,000 a year. She also wrote a check to Imran Awan for $93, likely as a formality to “allow him access as an employee.”

Rep. Graham couldn’t hack it as a lawmaker so she stepped down after a single term and is setting her sights on the Florida Governor’s office. Through her campaign communications director, she claims that “the decision to go with Lockheed Martin was made before she took office in January of 2015.” After she was elected though.

She also “declined to say whether the letters allegedly offering and then abruptly withdrawing the work were authentic or forged by Imran.”

Another thing that the former representative isn’t talking about is who actually did the work for her, Jamal or Imran?

The whistleblower says that’s no surprise. “They know what they did is wrong, they know what Imran was doing was wrong, and now all of a sudden no one’s ever heard of him.”

Another reason for the silence just surfaced in the press. The same Lockheed Martin that got Awan’s business was hacked.

“For Lockheed Martin’s IT security managers to blame an apparent successful incursion into their systems on a 10-week-old widely reported breach of one of their key ITsec suppliers is diverting publicity from its own security process failings,” Computer Weekly reports.