PUBLISHED: 3:51 PM 24 Jun 2016
UPDATED: 1:08 PM 27 Jun 2016

Congress Democrats Thought No One Was Looking When They Ate THIS

Congress Democrats Thought No One Was Looking When They Ate THIS

Last Wednesday the Washington White House turned upside down.  The political house could have been best described as “a baby nursery”.  Can you guess who wore pampers? 

Democrats everywhere threw tantrums choosing to rebel until getting the gun control laws they wanted.  They argued intensely against the 2nd Amendment right issued to bear arms.  Therefore instead of accepting defeat, the stubborn Party staged a “sit in” until a more favorable agreement was established.

Soon the screaming babies needed nourishment.  Finger snacks just were not enough.  The usual donut and granola bar snack would certainly not help fuel the uprising.  After fits of hunger, congressional interns were sent out to acquire food that will pacify the temper fits.  What the interns brought back to the White House, however, was completely unheard of.

Just when the congress Democrats thought no one was watching, one Conservative Party member saw the sudden scuffle recalling, “I never saw anything like this before.  It was like they were a pack of animals.  As soon as the intern came back with the cart of Chick-fil-A, everyone in that room trampled the poor guy.  It was a very ill-mannered and violent experience.”

Looks like someone needs an animal cookie!

Congress Democrats Thought No One Was Looking When They Ate THIS1

This comes as a surprise.  Over the last few years the fast food restaurant came under fire for their belief in traditional marriage.  Democrats should avoid the fast food like a plague.  Perhaps their animal hunger got the best of them.  This is definitely not at all the type of people you want running a country.

It will also shock you to learn that the motivation behind the Democratic “sit in” was problematic.  Not only do they demand gun control in the wake of the Orlando shooting, but they also penalize the self-hating gay radical that was a registered Democrat.  Something does not sit right about this whole ordeal.

However it does expose the contradictions that Americans need to recognize as we get closer to elections.

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