PUBLISHED: 10:03 PM 10 Nov 2017
UPDATED: 8:26 PM 5 Dec 2017

Congress Approves $4.6 BILLION Plan, “Security Assistance” In Europe Offered

Congress Approves $4.6 Billion Plan for Security Assistance in Europe

Congress Approves $4.6 Billion Plan for Security Assistance in Europe

Congress Approves $4.6 Billion Plan for Security Assistance in Europe

Capitol hill has recently erupted in a frenzy over trying to pass a tax plan. Legislators are hopefully trying to make their constituents happy. President Trump has put forth what he wants in a tax plan, but it does not seem that Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House, or Mitch McConnel, Senate Majority Leader, share his vision.

Even though Republicans have control of the House and Senate, they seem to struggle to pass any legislation. Any legislation our president has a vested interest in, that is. Hidden deep inside the 2018 National Defense Authorization Act is a $4.6 billion allocation earmarked for the European Deterrence Initiative. Another $350 million is set aside for security assistance and defensive, lethal assistance to Ukraine.

The Russophobia that has consumed Washington D.C. lately has blinded our politicians and cast a shroud over our media.  When reporters stop asking critical questions the public remains hopelessly uninformed.

The people who are truly concerned with healthcare reform and better tax plans are also the people who are paying for the defense of Europe. Our president ran on a campaign of making the North Atlantic Treaty Organization members pay their fair share.

It’s not the American people who benefit from this transaction. This type of crony capitalism works only to serve the defense contractors and log rolling politicians.

The United States has been selling arms and setting up a military force in the eastern bloc. Obama’s last summer in office, he agreed to increase not only the military force in the area but also the creation of four rotating multinational battalions in the Baltic states and Poland.

Even though the military presence in Europe has reached new levels of occupation, there is no Warsaw Pact to defend against.  The only aggressor force in the region, we are told, is Russia. An arms race and military buildup on the Russian border might make some people nervous.

Shortly before President Trump’s inauguration, almost 3,000 units of military equipment and 4,00 troops were sent into Europe. Such shipments included Abrams tanks, Paladin Artillery and Bradley vehicles.

Paladin Artillery is included in the troops moved in the eastern bloc.

Paladin Artillery is included in the troops moved in the eastern bloc.

Following the trend, non-NATO members such as Sweden and Finland have played host to the foreign military force. Russia has been forced to respond to the militarization of its borders.

Russia held a joint operation with Belarus. This training drill has led to the condemnation from many western states. Russian Generals have pointed out the hypocrisy of amassing such a force so close to the border.

The summation of troops assembled at the Russian border violate the 1997 NATO-Russia Founding Act. A defense minister of Russia has stated that a possible retaliation could result in a tactical missile strike if the troops continue to push into the Russian territory.

U.S. military personnel could easily mobilize from Germany to Poland in only 2 hours. The staggering amount of military hardware that has recently been positioned in the region poses and real and serious threat to the stability of governments.

With even more fire power being walked into Ukraine, Russia has every right to worry. The Kremlin has been accused and sanctioned over supposed military intervention in Ukraine following a coup of democratically elected president, Viktor Yanukovych.

Euromaiden deposed President Yanukovych starting the bloody civil war.

Euromaidan deposed President Yanukovych starting the bloody civil war.

Since the Euromaidan event, Ukraine and been embroiled in a deadly civil war. The annexation of Crimea was used as a rallying cry for greater acknowledgment from the European Union. When rioters deposed the Russian friendly Yanukovych, the Ukrainian nationalists of the east made an attempt to secede and rejoin the Russian Federation.

With violent attacks happening everyday throughout the continent the military forces could very well be better used elsewhere.  Malmo, Sweden has become the grenade capitol of Europe. There are official “no go zones” in many prominent cities because it has become too dangerous for non-immigrant civilians to enter.

The flood of refugees might be seeing a lull now that the Islamic State in the Levant has been defeated. However, this may cause the remnants to flee into Europe which is even more reason to reallocate the forces if they need to be there at all.

While congress is all consumed with Russia, we the tax payers pay for their games and assumptions. We are heading into an age of fear and nuclear stand off, write your local congressman and tell them your thoughts.