Biden Threatens Patriots

PUBLISHED: 7:02 PM 24 Jun 2021

Confused, Rambling Biden Threatens American Citizens With “Nuclear” Retaliation

After four years of calling President Trump a dictator, there is now a literal dictator in the White House and no one knows who’s calling the shots.

So, the reason for all the crime is because of guns? (Source: YouTube Screenshot)

Joe Biden is a dictator who has threatened American citizens with death.

The Gateway Pundit explained:

Stolen elections have consequences.

Joe Biden on Wednesday delivered remarks on gun control with Attorney General Merrick Garland.

Joe Biden and the Democrats are coming for the guns and they aren’t even hiding it anymore.

Biden on Wednesday attacked the 2nd Amendment and said it was never designed to give Americans weapons to protect against a tyrannical government.

“If you think you need to have weapons to take on the government? You need F-15s and maybe some nuclear weapons. The point is, it’s always been the ability to limit, to rationally limit the type of weapon that can be owned and who could own them,” Biden said.

Was that a threat??


President Biden on 2nd Amendment: “If you think you need to have weapons to take on the government? You need F-15s and maybe some nuclear weapons. The point is, it’s always been…to rationally limit the type of weapon that can be owned.”

Joe Biden recently made a shocking statement on the 2nd Amendment and said “No amendment is absolute.”

“No amendment, no amendment to the Constitution is absolute,” he said. “You can’t yell ‘fire’ in a crowded movie theater — recall a freedom of speech. From the very beginning, you couldn’t own any weapon you wanted to own. From the very beginning that the Second Amendment existed, certain people weren’t allowed to have weapons,” Biden said in April.

The New York Post reported:

President Biden’s topic was one of utmost importance Wednesday — crime and gun violence. But you wouldn’t know it from the way he spoke.

He slurred his words. He called the ATF “the AFT.” At one point, he talked about the history of the Second Amendment and “the blood of patriots” before concluding that someone would need nuclear weapons to take down the government. If you weren’t confused, you were horrified.

Biden was obviously tired, speaking in barely a monotone. He couldn’t pronounce “cognitive.”

The media would pick apart every appearance of President Donald Trump, saying, even in news stories, that he was “manic,” “exhausted” or some other adjective. Yet a protective circle has formed around Biden, preventing them from stating the obvious: Joe Biden, 78, looked out of it.

Maybe Biden was having an off day. But he’s had a number of them. And his team keeps hustling him off stage as the media shouts after him, making you wonder why they keep preventing him from answering questions.

The American people will decide if the president has the energy or sharpness to lead us. But let’s stop acting like we’re not allowed to mention it.

And if you think they aren’t coming for you, The Gateway Pundit reported on the US Joint Chiefs admitting his Marxist plan:

The leaders of the US military under Biden are unhinged and frightening, not to our enemies but to Americans.

They are pushing the crazed critical race theory among the troops instead of reiterating the proud history of a great nation. They brag about reading Karl Marx.

As we reported, Matt Gaetz grilled Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin today on the racist training he is pushing in the military through his crazed advisors and policies.

After Gaetz’s time was up, the next Representative, Houlahan, a Democrat, asked General Miley if he wanted to respond to what Gaetz had asked.  The General tried to step in when Gaetz was questioning the highly unimpressive Austin, but Gaetz reclaimed his time.  Here is what the General said after stating he thought the soldiers in the military should be widely read:

I want to understand white rage, and I’m white, and I want to understand it.  So what is it that caused thousands of people to assault this building and try to overturn the Constitution of the United States of America.  What caused that?  I want to find that out…I’ve read Mao Tse-Tung , I’ve read Karl Marz.  I’ve read Lenin…”

It is shocking that one of the very top individuals in our military believes in the lie that Americans tried to overturn our Constitution on January 6th while ignoring the riots outside the White House during the summer of 2020.  President Trump was in much more danger than anyone on January 6th and Milley refused to provide troops to protect the President.

And, by the way, who reads Marx, Lenin, and Mao?  The only people I could guess have read those individuals are committed communists.  This is scary.

General Miley and Secretary of Defense Austin should resign now.