PUBLISHED: 11:46 PM 27 Dec 2016

CONFIRMED: Newfound Letter Shows Trump And Putin Are Working Together

Putin letter disputes claims of "new arms race" between the two Super Powers

Putin letter disputes claims of "new arms race" between the two Super Powers

Putin letter disputes claims of “new arms race” between the two Super Powers

One would think the warming of relations between the US and Russia will be a good thing after tensions between the two Super Powers have been escalating due to President Obama’s failed foreign policies. But it seems not so, at least not by the Progressive MSM. It appears whatever our newly elected President does, they unleash the attack dogs.

Following last Thursday’s exchange of public statements regarding nuclear buildup by Russian President Vlademir Putin and President-elect Donald Trump, the MSM pundits quickly sounded the alarm that Trump was starting another arms race leading to a new Cold War.

However, on Friday, Trump released a letter from Putin that indicates the fear mongering of the MSM is wrong. Once again, the barrage of leftist propaganda against the President-elect jumped to conclusions and opinions without considering ALL of the facts. So, here are the facts:

The "very nice" letter confirm Putin and Trump's warming relations

The “very nice” letter confirm Putin and Trump’s warming relations

As reported here, Russian news sources indicated last Thursday that Putin stated:

“We need to strengthen the military potential of strategic nuclear forces, especially with missile complexes that can reliably penetrate any existing and prospective missile defense systems.”

Putin went on to say, “We must carefully monitor any changes in the balance of power and in the political-military situation in the world, especially along Russian borders, and quickly adapt plans for neutralizing threats to our country.”

Now, my grade school geography class taught me a few of the countries bordering Russia, and they are hardly far from having any military might to threaten the great and fierce Red Bear. But there is the rogue nation of North Korea, and its tyrannical dictator Kim Jong, who is running amok with his nuclear armament buildup and threats.

And there is China, also flexing its muscles in the South Asian sea.

Who are the threats bordering Russia Putin referred to?

Who are the threats bordering Russia Putin referred to?

My 4th grade geography class taught me the US is not a bordering nation of our “dire enemy” unless you consider Alaska, which is separated by a strait of water. And yet the MSM and the Never Trump haters either failed to read ALL of Mr. Putin’s remarks, or maybe they need to go take a 4th grade geography class.

Shortly after Putin’s remarks came the infamous Trump tweet that ignited the MSM and other liberal “experts.” They all quickly spiraled into an out-of-control and dangerous rhetoric of distorted propaganda with the intent of  blaming Trump for the escalated tensions between the two nations. Strange how they fail to mention their anointed “savior” Obama’s threats of “armed conflict” during his “emergency red line” call to Putin the prior week.

Now given that both Putin and Trump have repeatedly said in the past the two are hoping to work together in building a warmer relationship, one in which to eliminate world threats, it did not seem to matter to the Trump haters. In response to the IRRESPONSIBLE reporting of the MSM, on Friday last week, Trump released the letter, confirming the two are working together.

But did that satisfy the “Never Trumpers” and the MSM? Apparently not.

Across the board MSM attack dogs continue to rip at the flesh of the defeater of their precious loser, Queen Hillary. What they fail to realize is they are ripping at hardened armor, a quality Putin respects in a strong national leader, unlike the George Soros puppets Obama and Clinton.

Rather than build on the warming relations of Trump and Putin by pointing out the obvious in these communications; rather report the facts that the US and Russia have common enemies to join forces against, the MSM and the Progressive left are determined to undermine the Trump administration and policies that will make the world a safer place.

Even Republic Rhino defector Sen. Lindsey Graham, (R-SC) is threatening to use the US Senate to de-rail Trump’s policies towards Russia by climbing on the MSM and Obama bandwagon to “go after” Russia. During an interview on CNN Graham said he will pursue ALL avenues to make Russia pay for the “hacking.”

Graham is supporting Obama’s unfounded “allegations” that Putin deliberately hacked the DNC and Clinton’s campaign email servers to swing the election for Trump. Even though Graham says the email hacks did not cause Hillary’s loss, it is apparent he is going after any reconciliation between Trump and Putin.

Maybe it’s time for the GOP and Trump to tell Graham and others like him to switch to the side they belong on… the losing side of the Progressive Democrats and poor pathetic dethroned, Hillary. Force them to give up their GOP elected seats to some “true” Conservative Republicans. Graham is not representing the views of the voters who elected him.

Unlike the Islamic loving and pandering Obama administration, Trump and Putin see what and who the real threats are in the world. They are forming an “unlikely alliance” to combat those common enemies.

Enemies like ISIS, North Korea, and China will need to be dealt with head on by a tough leader, not one that cowers.

But for those driving the Marxist and “One World Order” agenda, Trump and Putin joining forces is a threat to their “evil” plans.

The Soros and UN plan to oppress the masses into servitude to a few wealthy elitists is never going to happen.