Memo Firm Accused Of Buying DOJ

PUBLISHED: 10:13 PM 5 Feb 2018

Concerns Mount Over Firm’s Access To DOJ, Fusion GPS Handed Over Cash

The question remains, did the DNC and Clinton Campaign buy access to the DOJ?

Everything connected to Fusion and their dossier is proving to be false.

The very name Fusion GPS is now synonymous with dishonesty and corruption. The way that extremely powerful people used Fusion to craft known lies about President Donald Trump is something that many Americans will never forget. Well, we discover today that the depth of their corruption is not even fully known yet.

The Daily Caller tells us today that the “research firm was paying the wife of a senior Department of Justice official as part of its efforts to gather opposition research on Trump.” This same official is known also to have “then brought that research to the FBI.

The firm “may have paid for heightened access to the criminal justice system” and no one knows if Nellie Ohr would have been hired save her “spousal connection to the DoJ

Fusion has been found to have hired this department worker’s wife to gather data on Mr. Trump, data which we know now to be quite fictitious in most areas. This matters, because as we are reminded, “Bruce Ohr was deputy associate attorney general until December.” Ohr met with Fusion GPS founder, Glenn Simpson, and all connections to former British spy, Christopher Steele, were “inexplicably concealed from the court.”

The money sweetened the pot for the Ohrs, and it certainly made it easier for Fusion to get the dossier to be used before the court if they made that payment to Bruce Ohr’s wife,” admitted former judge and Texas Representative Louie Gohmert (R-TX).

Explaining just how the dark practices were happening, he adds, “Fusion had to have known that because of the relationship between Bruce Ohr and his wife, they were bringing Fusion, the DOJ and the DNC together under one roof to work for the same goal, which was to stop Donald Trump from becoming president.

Ohr’s wife is also an expert on Russia. This could be one of the reasons that Russia and the untruths concerning Mr. Trump cheating with them was such a common belief, even though there are no facts to suggest that it is true.

The financial arrangement between Mrs. Ohr and Fusion GPS gives the appearance of government-for-hire,” observes Tom Anderson, “an ethics expert at the conservative-leaning watchdog group the National Legal and Policy Center.”

Mr. Anderson also said that this “appears to be a sophisticated scheme to get access to the highest levels of our government … ensuring the use of government resources in an attempt to influence an election.”

The fact that Nellie Ohr was given the check is quite damning since it seems to imply that her husband was trying to hide the payment so that it would not appear that he was tied into the trickery that GPS was plotting.

How anyone in America (regardless of if they love or detest Donald Trump) cannot see the clear agenda and misuse of power in how Democrats dealt with his well-earned success, in this case, is a true mystery.

For that matter, just about everyone in the world should be reading about how devoid of morals those losing to Mr. Trump were and continue to be. Countless Democrats have come out calling for impeachment over the information collated by Fusion, yet we see how faulty the information given was.

It is time for those who have supported the White House in this matter to now stand up boldly and demand an end to the injustice and smearing.

Enough is enough.

Sources: The Conservative Daily PostThe Daily Caller