Border Wall Contract

PUBLISHED: 4:33 PM 3 Dec 2019

Company Earns Border Wall Contract For $400 Million

This is yet another good step in the move to secure the sovereignty of the United States.

It's happening. (Source: YouTube Screenshot)

On Monday, a company in North Dakota was awarded a border wall contract by the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers. U.S. Senators John Hoeven and Kevin Cramer announced that Fisher Sand and Gravel of Dickinson had been granted the project.

The Washington Times reported:

Fisher will receive nearly $270 million of a $400 million contract. Cramer says the contract will go toward designing and building physical barriers along about 31 miles (49.9 kilometers) of the southern border in Yuma.

North Dakota’s Republican senators say the work will help secure the United States’ border with Mexico.

President Donald Trump made building a U.S.-Mexico border wall a priority during the 2016 campaign.

Local affiliate KFYRTV added that in their original bid, the company projected to build at least one mile of border barrier a day.

The issue of a border barrier, many people argue, has absolutely nothing to do with the number of immigrants America is willing to accept. A strong border will deliver security against illegal immigration and people who use the open spaces to invade the United States for the purpose of criminal or terroristic activity.

By claiming that anyone who supports a border wall is racist, leftists in the country have labeled innocent Americans who simply want to ensure that their lives are not jeopardized by aliens who siphon resources and commit crimes.