Comey’s ‘Dementia’

PUBLISHED: 1:00 PM 9 Dec 2018
UPDATED: 4:52 PM 9 Dec 2018

Comey’s Sudden ‘Dementia’ Frustrates, But Delivers Proof Of Unverified Dossier

James Comey’s transcript was released, showing that the FBI got secret warrants based on the unverified dossier, and six months later, still had no confirmation.

Darrell Issa has not been pleased with James Comey's lack of memory or his refusal to answer questions.

In the closed door session Friday with congressional investigators, it was like former FBI director James Comey “suddenly developed dementia or Alzheimer’s” according to one congressman.

Of course, his convenient lack of memory only occurred after he was able to recall enough information for his book, and of course, he lost the fight to ditch the hearing altogether.

“His memory was so bad I feared he might not remember how to get out of the room after the interview,” an unnamed congressman told John Solomon of The Hill. However, one fact was confirmed.

The FBI failed to verify the Steel Dossier, and Comey confessed that in addition to the dossier (paid for by Hillary Clinton) being unverified before a FISA warrant was obtained to surveil Carter Page, Comey was forced to admit that even six months later, the information was still unconfirmed.

The former FBI director said the dossier “was coming to us from a reliable source with a track record,” but that seems ridiculous in light of other discoveries.

“But what I understand by verified is we then try to replicate the source information so that it becomes FBI investigation and our conclusions rather than a reliable source’s,” he told Republicans. “That’s what I understand it, the difference to be. And that work wasn’t completed by the time I left in May of 2017, to my knowledge.”

“Comey now has confirmed what Republican lawmakers like Rep. Devin Nunes, Sen. Charles Grassley, Rep. Mark Meadows, and Rep. Jim Jordan have warned about for months – that the FBI used an unverified dossier, paid for by presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party as political opposition research, to justify spying on the duly nominated GOP candidate for president just weeks before Election Day.”

The original FISA warrant application submitted in October 2016 read, “The FBI has reviewed this verified application for accuracy in accordance with its April 5, 2001 procedures, which include sending a copy of the draft to the appropriate field office(s).”

However, that seems like a major stretch, if not an outright lie given Comey’s confessions.

Solomon reported, “along with being unaware of the dossier’s veracity, Comey did not know that Bruce Ohr, the Justice Department’s fourth-highest ranking official before his demotion last year, was a go-between for collecting so-called intelligence from Steele after the FBI terminated its relationship with the agent for alleging leaking information to the media.”

Apparently, Comey couldn’t remember that Steele’s relationship with the bureau had even been terminated.

“It was like he suddenly developed dementia or Alzheimer’s, after conveniently remembering enough facts to sell his book,” said one congressman.

Of course, he clammed up when asked about the Clinton Email scandal, and Darrell Issa stated that it was ‘disappointing’ that the FBI obviously believes that Congress doesn’t have a right to know that information.

With the democrats being elected, or stealing enough seats to take control of the House in January, there seems little hope that any more information will be gained. Democrats have vowed to shut down the probe into these massive abuses of power and, some people think, treasonous actions.