Obama Knew?

PUBLISHED: 1:00 PM 19 Dec 2018
UPDATED: 5:45 PM 19 Dec 2018

Comey Transcripts Show GOP Grilling Of Obama ‘Awareness’ In Clinton Scandal

During closed-door testimony, James Comey was grilled about what the former president knew about the Clinton private server scandal.

Comey was silent on what Obama knew, and denied ever telling him.

Transcripts of the closed-door testimony of former FBI Director James Comey show that GOP lawmakers have serious concerns over how Barack Obama could have determined that former Secretary of State Clinton’s use of an illegal private server wasn’t a big deal if he hadn’t been briefed by the FBI on her conduct.

Comey was grilled about how Obama said on “60 Minutes” in 2015 that Clinton’s behavior didn’t involve a “situation in which America’s national security was endangered.”

Of course Americans now know that her private server was hacked by a Chinese company, who had access to the confidential information on a real-time basis. Many people have speculated that the breach led to the death of dozens of American assets in the communist country.

GOP lawmakers wanted to know when Obama was briefed on the situation, so he could arrogantly assert that there was no risk, but in typical liberal fashion, Comey denied ever talking to the president about the issue.

Obama said of the email scandal that it wasn’t “a situation in which America’s national security was endangered,” and that Clinton never appeared to hide anything.

Rep. Trey Gowdy asked Comey if he had ever spoken with Obama about the Clinton email investigation, to whichComey replied, “No.” He said he never directed anyone at the bureau to do so either.

Gowdy repeatedly asked Comey about how Obama could claim there was no threat if the FBI hadn’t informed him about the inquiry.

“President Obama said of her email arrangement, ‘I don’t think it posed a national security problem.’ How would he have known that at the time?” Gowdy asked.

“I can’t answer that,” Comey replied.

“He also said, ‘This is not a situation in which America’s national security was endangered.’ How would he have known that at the time?” he was asked again.

“Same answer. I can’t answer that for him,” Comey said.

‘Can’t answer’ that, Comey? Can’t… because if he told the truth, there’d be repercussions, maybe?

When asked if he knew how the president could be sure that Clinton did not “hide anything or squirrel away information,” Comey said he didn’t know.

Gowdy pointed out that the fact that there are still missing emails that were destroyed means it would be difficult to be sure of any such thing.

“I don’t remember anything concerning about the substance of the communication,” Comey responded.

During his testimony, Comey admitted there were several instances of email exchanges between Clinton and Obama, both from a private server.

When asked why Hillary Clinton was not questioned by the FBI about this, Comey claimed that the emails weren’t considered classified, but then said, “I don’t remember anything concerning about the substance of the communication.”

“He also said that references to Obama’s private email server were eliminated from a July 5, 2016, press conference out of concern about that information falling into the wrong hands.”

Concern? Yeah, right.

“There was an issue with respect to that, and it was that if the bad guys — we didn’t want to do anything to confirm to the bad guys that they might have Barack Obama’s private cover email unclassified because let’s imagine the Russians had captured that communication, they might not know what they had. And so, I remember some discussion about what we should say, if anything, in my public remarks about that.”

Interestingly, although the emails apparently didn’t contain any ‘classified’ information, Comey would not say why congressional investigators were denied them.

It seems to many people, that the whole disgusting, illegal, and treasonous actions of the former administration will be swept under the rug, while President Trump will continue to face a witch hunt of monstrous proportions with absolutely no evidence of wrongdoing on his part… other than making American great again.