PUBLISHED: 8:26 PM 9 Nov 2016

Comey Now In Huge Trouble After Election, Being BLAMED For The Worst


Taking all the blame

Three days ago, FBI Director Comey proved once again that he was a good friend of Hillary Clinton. After shutting down investigations into her emails, Comey was forced to reopen the investigation a few weeks later when more corruption was exposed.

His reluctance was obvious; his willingness to throw himself upon the sword for Hillary was disgusting. 8 days after he “reopened” the case, he closed it again. His words will certainly come back to haunt him,

“…the agency hasn’t changed its opinion that Hillary Clinton should not face criminal charges after a review of new emails.”

“Based on our review, we have not changed our conclusions that we expressed in July,” Comey wrote in the new letter to congressional committee chairmen.


He’ll do anything

Looking at his comments, Comey was clearly trying to pave the way for Hillary to enter the final days of the election cleared of that particular cloud hanging over her head. Democrats weren’t so quick to thank him even then. In what was simply a preview of things to come they claimed the fact that he caved and opened the investigation so close to the election was unforgivable.

We knew then that the FBI going through the emails that quickly was impossible. Comey had to do whatever he could to protect Hillary and get back in favor with Democrats since he was convinced they would win the election. Comey was as wrong as the rest of them and now they have chosen to continue his sacrifice to the political Gods.


Now, is it possible that the investigations affected the outcome of the election? Of course! The American people were smart enough to realize they did not want to elect a probable felon to the White House. The Democrats only have Hillary to blame for that but since they can’t do that, they will blame Comey.

The truth is that one of the things the investigation did do was remind people what Hillary really is, a liar. Polls show that even in August, the public already trusted Donald Trump more than Hillary Clinton. So when Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) told reporters Tuesday evening that Comey’s letter to Congress on Oct. 28 was “like a Molotov cocktail.” She should have been more specific.


People didn’t trust Hillary even in August

It might have been a Molotov cocktail but it was one that stoked the fires of truth.

“He became the leading Republican political operative in the country — wittingly or unwittingly,” Pelosi said. She and the others will never admit that Hillary was the reason the election was lost for them. Her demise was nothing but a suicide no matter how unintended it was.

Earlier that day Senate Minority Leader Harry M. Reid (Nev.), told Politico in an interview, “Comey has done more damage to the FBI than anyone since J. Edgar Hoover.

“I think he has personally put a black mark on the FBI that will never go away. I made a mistake [confirming him]. Because I didn’t know he was such a Republican.”

Well, at least Reid can admit he had some fault in the mess that was Hillary’s campaign. That is more than most Democrats. The fact is, unwilling as they are to admit it, it seems like Trump’s win was helped by a surge of turnout among white, working-class voters in states such as Florida, Ohio, Wisconsin and Iowa.

They would rather save face and blame Comey though. The facts don’t lie. In July, when Comey announced that the FBI did not recommend charging Clinton with a crime for her use of a private email server, most voters told Post-ABC pollsters the outcome of the investigation didn’t matter in their vote. If it didn’t effect the vote then, how do Democrats expect us to believe it had that big of an impact this time?

It is ridiculous to accuse the man who cleared her not once but twice, of being the problem. It seems like it must be a joke. Rest assured that Comey is not laughing as Harry Reid is calling for an investigation into his actions. He frantically tried to defend her and his repayment is coming in a form he could not have predicted.

They Did This To Themselves

They Did This To Themselves

What Democrats like Pelosi and Reid don’t want to admit, can’t admit, is that Hillary lost the election. Regardless of what the FBI did or didn’t do, the DNC won’t acknowledge that Hillary’s campaign was flawed from the beginning and as the election season progressed, she was more interested in defaming Trump than telling the truth. When you have been lying as long as she has, it must be impossible to know what the truth is anyways.

It is safe to assume that Comey will be just the beginning. Hillary could make a strong case for many others ruining her chances; Bill, Huma Abdein, Anthony Weiner, even Obama. It is not in her nature to admit when she is wrong so why start now?

Democrats and others involved with Hillary’s campaign should start planning their defenses now. Hillary is just getting started with her accusations. Where will the next bomb land?