PUBLISHED: 6:15 PM 13 Mar 2017
UPDATED: 6:31 PM 13 Mar 2017

Comey Keeps His Personal Account Private, Approves Gov. To View Everyone Else’s Without Warrant


The F.B.I., under James Comey, has spied on everyone from the average American to quite likely the president, yet seeks privacy for him and his family.

U.S. Supreme Court Judge Louis Brandeis called it the “right to be left alone,” while others who explain the Fourth Amendment recite it when asked. We all know the guy who ends every argument by quoting the Constitution, saying it “protects people from unreasonable searches and seizures by the government.” While such people may often be laughed at, they should also be revered, for it was once a well-known fact in America that the right to privacy mattered.

When F.B.I. Director James Comey said,”There is no such thing as absolute privacy in America,” every citizen from the Atlantic to the Pacific should have called for both his resignation and his imprisonment. Edward Snowden, banished to Russia after giving up his whole life in America in order to awaken an apathetic nation, has recently brought up an amazing point.

He observed that James Comey’s Instagram account is private, yet the F.B.I. “demands your data without warrants.” As he’s quite astute at doing, Snowden points out that everything is now inverted and upside down. The Constitution has always allowed for warrants, but beyond that, the government has no permission to require any details from the population.


Edward Snowden has been shunned to Russia over his leaks that showed America and the world how it was being spied upon illegally by the U.S, once a beacon of privacy rights.

We know that Wikileaks has recently released data showing the “paranoid tin hatters” were actually correct. Our cell phones, laptops, TV’s and game systems are spying on us in our own homes. We also have discovered a “hacking unit” within the CIA that targeted Android and iOS users. It is certainly telling that not only is this illegal within any part of the U.S. Constitution, but that the two heroes who cared enough to warn us are hunted by our government and exiled.

One of them, Julian Assange, is not even American. This matters because out of the whole system, how could it be that only one lone contractor (Snowden) cared enough for America to ring the red bell? Has civics education fallen so badly within the American school system?

Instead of being disgraced by these facts, Comey said, “There is no place outside of judicial reach,” as if it was something that every American should be proud about! Far leftists, your next rally may just be stopped before the paint dried on those awfully misspelt signs. Maybe that next abortion rights march will be met with barricades because the government knew about the planned protest, because they spied on you. Yes, and it was thought that this only affected paranoid Republicans, wasn’t it?


The 9/11 attacks, which some suggest was known about by some in advance, has nonetheless been an excuse to destroy the Fourth Amendment.

Comey even called Snowden out by name by saying that since his initial leaks, more people have begun using encryption. He refuses to admit that the government was fully allowed to get a warrant for anyone they needed to. Instead, he chose to spy on everyone the F.B.I. wanted. The F.B.I. caused this to happen because they got greedy with other people’s rights and overly cavalier about the Fourth Amendment.

Also, let us remember that the government has admitted that they have ways to crack this new “going dark” encryption when needed. Therefore it would not have been that hard to get a legal warrant. The excuse of child porn is always dredged up, but what judge in America is not going to allow a warrant to be issued for a suspected kiddie porn peddler/practitioner? The government’s arguments simply make no sense nor hold up under any scrutiny.

Comey admitted this at the Boston College Conference on Wednesday when he said that the F.B.I, “lawfully acquired 2,800 devices from counterintelligence investigations.” No one has much of a problem with this, so long as it is actually reviewed by a judge. That seems like a reasonable number of people in one year, charges depending, of course. What MANY people do have a very substantial problem with is him saying that his Instagram account is private and that “I don’t want anybody looking at my pictures.” Comey says that he has nine followers and posts photos of his family’s trips.


When the government spies, malware tools they use leave “footprints” that other hackers can “walk” in. This is why so many have been spying on others in ever growing numbers in part.

So there it is America. COMEY can have privacy, but when everyday Americans try to do the same, they have every agency on the eye chart snooping on them. Snowden was right to take to Twitter and point out the hypocrisy that is found within this brash statement. It ranks right up there with Nancy Pelosi saying that TrumpCare needs to be seen before it is signed, when for Obamacare she said that it needed to be signed before it was seen.

All of this leaves Comey in a rather precarious position. He has shown that he is half willing to do his job by investigating people in power like Clinton, yet not committed enough to see it through to prosecution. However, for the average man or woman, he is ready to spy, arrest and prosecute them. Trump’s White House has likely been tapped and we have no idea as a nation to what degree Comey knew of it. It is rather hard to imagine that he was in the dark about the whole affair, especially since his politics have been showing within the agency. They seem painfully loyal to the Barack wing of the Democratic Party that appointed him.

The F.B.I, like most government agencies, has become a Frankenstein monster of our own creation. Once alive, it won’t be happy until all of us are spied upon and shepherded into compliance with every law. This, combined with a prison system that runs for profit, means we have a clear reason to worry. We also have time to ensure that Snowden and Assange have not ruined their lives for nothing.  The Forth Amendment isn’t “nothing” to anyone except the F.B.I.