PUBLISHED: 10:23 PM 20 Mar 2017

Comey Confirms That President Trump & Fellow “Associates” Now Under Investigation

FBI Director James Comey tells House committee members stories in WaPo and the New York Times are "false" but refuses to identify which stories and facts are "fake news".

Comey says stories in WaPo and New York Times are "false" but refuses to identify which stories and facts are "fake news".

FBI Director James Comey tells House committee members stories in WaPo and the New York Times are “false” but refuses to identify which stories and facts are “fake news”.

President Trump took to twitter during the first day of the House Congressional hearings on Russian influences in last year’s presidential election. FBI Director James Comey announced in opening remarks, Trump and his associates are under official investigation. Comey confirmed the investigation is related to alleged collusion by the Trump campaign with Russia to undermine Hillary Clinton’s bid for the White House.

During Comey’s testimony, Trump was quick to point out a particularly interesting statement from Comey regarding Russia’s alleged intrigue; Trump tweeted:

If the alleged Russian espionage had no bearing on the outcome of the presidential election results, then why are the taxpayers footing what will be a very large bill for an obvious Democratic witch hunt?” What is the purpose and who is behind the unprecedented leaks of classified information coming out of both the FBI and CIA being leaked to the Washington Post (WaPo) and New York Times (NYT)?

Under questioning Comey refused to answer the majority of questions put to him regarding those leaks, even refusing to “assure the American people” those leaks will ever be investigated. So the FBI is wasting valuable time and resources investigating allegations that Trump has already been cleared of. They will do that, but they refuse to investigate massive amounts of leaks of classified information that is a direct threat to national security?

And if the purpose of the hearings is to get at the truth as to whether or not Russia played havoc with our electoral process then why is only Trump and his associates being investigated? Why are not Hillary and Sanders’ campaigns being investigated as well, especially since there have been numerous reports of Hillary’s staff meeting with Russian officials?

Comey’s go to answer for many of the questions regarding the “investigation” and “leaked” news stories, which have led to chaos and disruption for President Trump to fill vital cabinet posts is as follows:

“I’m not going to comment on that.”

As Democrat House members were allowed to go on long diatribes making unfettered and unfounded allegations against Trump, his administration and cabinet picks, Comey sat quietly waiting to give his “no comment” remark over and over. His refusal to confirm or deny the allegations allows the to be entered into the record as though true and ones the MSM will sure to use to discredit President Trump.

Comey at one point was pressed over a particular story in the MSM giants which reported the results of an investigation into Russia election intrigue a month prior to the official report being concluded. A portion of the Dec. story was read to Comey during the hearing which reflected near the same wording in the official report released in Jan.

If the official investigation had not been concluded in Dec and the report not written until Jan, Comey was asked if the FBI used the stories to come to their conclusions. The director answered, “No.” He added while laughing the report “had not been written yet.”

Comey’s answer to the questioning is puzzling to say the least. If the investigation had not concluded nor the report written at the time of the Dec stories published by WaPo and the NYT, then how did those publications know a month ahead of time the very wording in the concluding report?

In a Nov. 2016 story, the NYT reported FBI officials found no evidence of Trump or any of his campaign advisors or associates had anything to do with the alleged Russian involvement in the election.

“Law enforcement officials say that none of the investigations so far have found any conclusive or direct link between Mr. Trump and the Russian government. And even the hacking into Democratic emails, F.B.I. and intelligence officials now believe, was aimed at disrupting the presidential election rather than electing Mr. Trump,” reported the NYT on Nov 1.

However, Comey changed his story during the hearings, stating he thought the Russian’s favored Trump over Hillary and conducted the alleged “email hacking” and “fake news” in order to get Trump elected. A statement that apparently Trump could not let slide by tweeting:

Comey also contradicted himself when it came to stories in the NYT and WaPo that contained classified information by repudiating the “facts” in stories over the past two months while refusing to give details as to which stories or “facts” were indeed false.

While being questioned whether or not if it were possible for a government official to leak false information to a reporter, Comey conceded it was possible but that lying to a reporter is not against the law. He also added:

“I’ve read a whole, whole of information in the past two months that is just wrong, but I can’t say which (story) is wrong and I can’t say it to those reporters.”

Comey is refusing to answer questions regarding the “false” facts in the stories or even which stories are “fake” in WaPo and NYT citing it is his policy not to correct reported misinformation especially when it involves an ongoing investigation. Instead Comey stated he allows the “false facts” to remain unchallenged in order not to tip the hand of those the FBI may be investigating.

Seriously, did Mr. Comey just say the FBI uses the spreading of “fake news” in the MSM to aid in their investigations? Which brings to question, are the FBI and CIA the source of “fake news” and not the Russians?

When further pressed on the details regarding classified information in those stories, Comey continued to stonewall.

“I’m not confirming if the information in the news stories are inaccurate or accurate,” Comey responded. If the classified information has already been publicized across the world then why does Comey insist on refusing to set the record straight? Do not the American people have a right to know what MSM published information are false and which ones are true?

It is apparent from today’s hearings there are two opposing agenda’s from two opposing parties being played out in these hearings going forth. On one side you have Republicans like Trey Gowdy who are seeking the truth about leaks of classified information that has led the country to the point of disruption and chaos. These leaks have brought the US at an already vulnerable time of transition of power to near crisis.

Republicans who are concerned about the security of the nation and its citizens as threats from Islamic terrorists and rogue states like Iran and N. Korea are becoming more and more aggressive.  Meanwhile the MSM pushes whatever “fake news” they can think up to disrupt the Trump administration, with the apparent full co-operation of Obama leftovers in the FBI and CIA.

On the other side you have Progressive Democrats still seething over a lost presidential election and seeking some way to falsely “prove” President Trump allegedly “cheated.” They would rather to this than accept the fact their queen has been democratically dethroned by the voice and vote of the American people. A rejection not only of Hillary, herself, but the last eight years of Obama rule and policies.

Progressive Democrats who have their marching orders from George Soros and other open borders elites whose goal is push all nations into a world governance to be headed by a few who will control all resources subjecting the masses into their servitude.

There is an evil force at work here, the real enemy who controls the “principalities of the air” and the MSM and it is not President Trump. All need to pray on bended knee for a nation and our President during these dangerous times.