Bill Maher Supports Trump Decision

PUBLISHED: 10:59 PM 29 Jan 2018

Comedian Maher Startles With Announcement “I Agree With Trump”

Liberals are going to turn on him for this.

Bill Maher was probably just as surprised as his audience was.

During a recent episode of HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher,” liberal host and comedian Bill Maher momentarily shocked and enraged his audience. He did so by agreeing with President Donald Trump’s decision to essentially recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Although Maher agreed with the president’s stance on Jerusalem, he made it clear, much to the thrill of his audience, that he’s still an adamant opponent of President Trump and basically everyone who works for him.

This is because, later in the episode, he viciously attacked Scott Pruitt, the head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), by calling him an “eco-terrorist.” He also slammed the hard-working law enforcement officials at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency by comparing them to the Gestapo.

Specifically, while speaking to a panel of guests, Maher announced that he actually agreed with President Trump’s decision to relocate the United States embassy in Israel. “I hate to agree with Donald Trump, but it doesn’t happen often, but I do,” he began.

“I don’t know why Israel — it has been their capital since 1949,” continued Maher, referring to Jerusalem. “It is where their government is. They’ve won all the wars thrown against them,” he added, noting, “I don’t understand why they don’t get to have their capital where they want.”

Despite the fact that the other guests on his show objected to his claim, Maher only dwelled on it for a few moments before moving on to other topics. One of the things he touched on was the recent government shutdown.

“The government shutdown is underway anyway, all the time since Trump took office,” argued Maher. “I was looking at some of these statistics, not filled more than 600 vital jobs in the executive branch,” he explained.

“The State Department, they cut by 8%…Four of the top jobs in…the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. You know how much money they asked to fund that this year? Zero. They asked for zero, and, you know, an eco-terrorist head of the EPA, that kind of a thing. This is a government shutdown in motion,” clarified Maher, bashing Pruitt in the process.

In addition to attacking Pruitt, Maher also essentially bashed every single patriot at ICE, all of whom put their lives at risk every single day to ensure that others are safe, stating, “I mean, Trump may not be Hitler, but ICE is the Gestapo, and they’re acting like it.”

By saying this, Maher is basically claiming that the agents tasked with removing dangerous criminals who entered our country illegally are the same as the literal Nazis who rounded up legal citizens and sent them to concentration camps simply because of their religion or political belief. Not only is this absolutely absurd, it’s also utterly reprehensible.

Maher’s reasoning, while completely ludicrous, is sadly not surprising. This is because ridiculous reasoning is a common feature on his show.

For example, in the wake of the recent massacre in Las Vegas that resulted in at approximately 58 deaths and more than 515 injuries, Maher went on his show and engaged in an unhinged rant about gun rights, going so far as to claim that the Second Amendment was added to the Constitution to control slaves.

Specifically, while speaking to the panel of guests on his show about gun violence, Maher criticized those who don’t think there’s a significant difference between the way black and white people are treated when it comes to possessing a legal firearm.

“I know it drives Republicans crazy when liberals say everything is about race and everything isn’t about race. But I feel like guns is the one area where, if you can’t see a giant difference between the way black and white are treated in America with guns, I think there’s a little racism in you,” argued Maher.

“I mean, show the Roy Moore [R-AL] video. Here’s a politician waving a gun at a rally. Could you get away with doing that?” he added before the cameras promptly cut away to show a clip of Moore at a recent campaign rally holding up his personal firearm to prove that he’s a supporter of the Second Amendment.

To justify his position against gun rights, Maher brought up a brief excerpt from an essay, written by historian Gary Wills, that was published in the New York Times back in July.

“[Garry Wills] says the Second Amendment ‘shows just how far the poison of slavery pervaded the Constitution. It was intended to protect slaveholders who used militias to keep a firm grip on their slaves.” explained Maher.

Still quoting Wills, he added, “‘It wasn’t meant to let individuals prevent federal tyranny. How could it? It was meant to guarantee the legality of well-regulated militias to handle the states’ internal problems, especially the problem of a large slave population.’”

Wills’ claim about the Second Amendment, however, is completely preposterous. It wasn’t added to the Constitution to control the slave population. It was added to ensure that the people have a means of overthrowing their government if it becomes corrupt or authoritarian, which was a major concern for the vast number of people living in the new country seeing as they just fought to be free from a tyrannical government that didn’t appropriately represent them.

Clearly, despite the fact that Maher may occasionally say something agreeable, most of what he utters is absolute nonsense. Hopefully, more and more people start to recognize this and move on to watch a more sensible show.