Extra Security Officers

PUBLISHED: 6:06 PM 27 Jul 2018

Colombian Drug Gang Puts A $70,000 Hit On A Dog

Sombra cost the gang thousands of pounds of cocaine and the word was given.

Sombra strikes like a cobra and now police dogs are the target of drug lords.

Who needs crime movies about gangsters putting contracts on a man’s head when in real life, as Fox News has reported, gang leaders order a hit on a police dog for $70,000? The contract was put out on drug dog Sombra, a six-year-old police K9 with an incredible reputation.

The Los Urabeños gang is quite unhappy with this pooch’s nose because they apparently feel that he was barking up the wrong tree when his skill cost the drug lords “roughly 22,000 pounds” of cocaine. The thugs, also known as Clan del Golfo, are hopping mad at Sombra who has “worked in ports along the Atlantic coast, and recently sniffed out over 11,000 pounds of cocaine in the coastal town of Turbo.

The dog also located 8,800 more pounds of illegal drugs from cars that were being imported into the U.S.A.

In light of the death threats, Sombra was given a longer leash and “relocated to an airport in Bogotá.” The famous sniffer has even been granted “extra security officers to ensure her safety.

Clan del Golfo is listed as “Colombia‘s most powerful criminal group,according to InSightCrime. Their leader, Dairo Antonio Úsago, is also the most wanted man in that nation.

BBC News wrote that the gang offered just $500 for the death of a human being, a police officer, and “offered more if the cop worked for the country’s counternarcotics force.”

After being hounded and losing copious amounts of drugs to Sombra, it seems as if the stakes have gone up.

All joking aside, the War on Drugs has brought the world to a crazy point.

Then again, who can be too surprised? Such gangs have a history of murder, abuse, sexual offenses, and cruelty often for the sake of being cruel. If drugs were legalized tomorrow, most of the members would be hurting people and communities with the same fervor that they do now.

When that is taken into account, it is good that they are being dogged by a certain famous pooch.