PUBLISHED: 2:07 PM 22 Dec 2016

Cold War Ending As North Korea Turns Up The Heat, Sending All-New Explosive Message To Trump

Kim Jong-un better be watching out!

Kim Jong-un better be watching out!

Kim Jong-un better be watching out!

Reports coming out of South Korea are that the “little” tyrant in North Korea is planning a “big blast” to welcome President-elect Donald Trump to the global political arena.

According to the UK ‘s Daily Star Online, an unnamed source inside of the Seoul based foreign ministry indicates that Kim Jong-un is holding off conducting more tests until Trump takes the main stage. The source told the news agency, “Jong-un has been unleashing provocations every two weeks up till his last Oct 20 missile test.” Being overdue now, he is waiting to conduct the next “big blast” as a warning shot to Trump.

Now that Trump has cleared the Elector College vote and is waiting for the Jan. 20 inauguration, that “blast” could happen at anytime, according to the source. “We are prepared for every possible scenario. If you look back at the intervals [between provocations] it’s 10-14 days so it can happen any time,” he explained.

"The Donald" is going to be to much for the "Little Man" dictator

“The Donald” is going to be too much for the “Little Man” dictator

Little does tiny man Jong-un realize, “The Donald” is already assuming the position of standing strong against the US’s enemies. Given the incompetency and treasonous actions of the current Commander-in-Chief, Trump has been getting a jump on his foreign policies; organizing his military staff, national security team and reaching out to allies.

Since Obama took office nearly eight years ago, Jong-un has been allowed to run amok. He has conducted more tests since taking office in 2011 than his father and predecessor did in 17 years of power. The dictator has advanced his nuclear weapon capabilities to the point of being a global threat. Daily Star staff attended a government briefing in Seoul a little over a month ago, at which it was learned North Korea has the capability to hit Europe and the whole Nato alliance.

For two years know several US military advisors have warned Obama of the increasing and pending threat to the US, Pyongyang is becoming. Former NORAD commander, Adm. Bill Gortney publically stated in 2015, the reason he ordered the facility to an underground hardened bunker was the North Korean threat.  But those alarms have fallen on Obama’s deaf ears. I suppose he has more important issues to attend like improving his golf handicap.

Jung-un has re-started a banned nuclear reactor and detonated, what many to believe, was a hydrogen bomb earlier in 2016. And now according to one Middle East expert, the terrorist dictator has positioned himself to be the top arms dealer to rogue nations and terrorists worldwide. That expert went on to say that an ISIS and Pyongyang alliance was forming in which Jong-un may be willing to trade arms in exchange for “hired muscle.”

President-elect Trump ready to take the helm as Commander-in-Chief

President-elect Trump ready to take the helm as Commander-in-Chief

But it seems these grave and urgent warnings have fallen on Obama’s deaf ears. Of have they? Obama treats Jong-un like a school yard bully. Never standing up to him. So why would he allow this sort of aggressive and outlaw behavior go unchecked? Could it be his ties to ISIS? Could it be China? Or maybe puppet Obama is just following his marching orders from George Soros?

One thing is for certain: the tiny tyrant’s days are numbered. If Jong-un thinks he can run over Trump the way he has Obama, he is in for a very rude awakening. Trump will not look the other way, or turn the other cheek when it comes to US security and the safety of the American people.

Unlike Obama, Trump has a respect for the men and women of the military, the sacrifices they make and the “MIGHT” they have when led by a strong Commander-in-Chief.

President-elect Trump will not cower away or pander to terrorist states like North Korea and Iran. Jong-un has repeatedly thumbed his nose at the rest of the world, defying all rules placed on him and his evil regime in exchange to be removed from the US’s state supported terror watch list. Obama has more than enough reasons to justify taking action against the rogue state, but has refused to do so.

Trump will not hesitate to put Jong-un in his place. The tiny tyrant is about ready to get as we say in the south, “his come up-ins.”