Cohen Met With Dems

PUBLISHED: 5:20 PM 28 Feb 2019

Cohen Admits Speaking With Top Dems Ahead Of House Hearing

Although such activity is not prohibited, many people argue that it further solidifies the idea that democrats are pushing a witch hunt that has already been disproven.

Cohen met with democrats right before speaking to the committee.

Yesterday, before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, convicted liar Michael Cohen admitted that he met with top democrats on the committee before his testimony.

Although already convicted of lying to congressional investigators, the American public was supposed to believe that now Cohen was telling the truth. Of course, he was caught lying yesterday, but he also admitted that he and his Clinton lawyer spoke with Rep. Adam Schiff and Elijah Cummings.

“In a testy exchange between Cohen and Rep. Jody Hice, R-Ga., the president’s former lawyer said that his legal team has spoken to members of the Democratic Party ahead of Wednesday’s hearing on Capitol Hill.”

“We’ve spoken to the party,” Cohen and Adam Schiff “and his people,” but the slick former lawyer said ‘that he only consulted with his lawyers to prepare for the hearing.’

Schiff has his own scandals to worry about, so perhaps he thinks that if Cohen could implicate the president, he can escape scrutiny for speaking to the Fusion GPS founder who helped orchestrate the set-up of the president.

“While it is standard practice for witnesses testifying before Congress – and their lawyers – to talk beforehand with the heads of committees holding the hearings, Republicans already had complained about Cohen’s interactions with the panel, including that he didn’t turn over testimony and evidence until hours before the hearing’s start.”

Moreover, the GOP was less than thrilled with having a man who formerly lied to congressional investigators treated like a star victim.

“Here’s the point, the chairman just gave you a 30-minute opening statement and you have a history of lying over and over and over again and frankly don’t take my word for it, take what the court said,” Rep. Jim Jordan stated. “Cohen did crimes marked by a pattern of deception and that permeated his professional life.”

Many people have argued that if Cohen really had any dirt on the president, he wouldn’t be spending three years in federal prison, starting in May. He would have been given a sweet get-out-of-jail free card in exchange for his testimony.

However, Cohen is a convicted liar, despite his claim against the dictionary yesterday in his opening statement.

His assertions about ‘protecting’ the president were ridiculous, and he was busted saying he never sought a White House position after the election. A claim that was quickly proven false, and even CNN had to admit it.