SCOTUS Impeachment

PUBLISHED: 7:30 PM 30 Aug 2018
UPDATED: 9:41 PM 30 Aug 2018

Coastal Liberal Calls For Clarence Thomas Impeachment

A leftist politician is calling for the removal of Justice Thomas from the Supreme Court, based only on the claims of Anita Hill.

A coastal liberal called for the impeachment of Justice Clarence Thomas, claiming he perjured himself in the 90s.

A democrat running for public office in the state of Massachusetts, hoping to replace a retiring congress member, Representative Niki Tsongas, has run on a very ‘third-wave feminist’ platform. Indeed, much of her platform, as described on Barbara L’Italien’s website, is the usual coastal ‘progressive’ boilerplate.

However, her new plank is somewhat unusual, even for a leftist. As a part of her ‘promise’ to hold people accountable for ‘sexual misconduct,’ she has declared that if elected, she intends to file an impeachment resolution against United States Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, and to demand further investigation into alleged sexual misconduct by President Donald Trump.

She claims that Clarence Thomas should be impeached because, in her opinion, he “lied under oath” concerning the Anita Hill allegations.

L’Italien, whose only work experience outside of elected office consisted of social work for elder care, claims that “two of the most powerful men in the nation” have been “credibly accused” of “sexual crimes,” and that they didn’t suffer any punishment for it.

She complained that regulations designed to ‘stop’ sexual harassment can be struck down by the Supreme Court, where she sees “considerable evidence” that Justice Thomas lied under oath, and that “laws cracking down on sexual assault” have been signed by a President who multiple women claimed assaulted him.

She raved that she would claim perjury as the reason for impeaching Justice Clarence Thomas, due to her belief that he lied about sexually harassing Anita Hill.

According to her campaign spokesman, Joe Katz, she is the first candidate to advocate impeaching the African-American SCOTUS Justice, something the campaign seems to take great pride in.

L’Italien has also turned to #MeToo tactics to target the campaign of her competitor, Dan Koh, who is currently favored to win the Mass. Primary.

She complained that Koh, former chief of staff to Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, didn’t do the ‘right thing’ when Felix Arroyo was accused of sexual harassment.

It’s hard to understand what she thinks the ‘right thing’ was for Arroyo.

Koh placed the accused on paid administrative leave from his position while the investigation was ongoing, and fired him a month later after what was described as a ‘comprehensive investigation.’

Koh’s campaign manager, Rachel Goldenberg, challenged the claim from L’Italien, pointing out that the situation was handled properly by Walsh’s office.

She also called the claims “false personal attacks,” and suggested that they may be the result of a University of Massachusetts- Lowell poll that showed Koh in the lead.

It seems like L’Italien will only be happy and consider treatment of #MeToo claims successful, when the mere accusation of sexual wrongdoing costs people their livelihood and reputation.

The suggestion that Anita Hill’s claims are credible certainly seems like a stretch. During Thomas’ confirmation hearings in front of the Senate, Hill was the only person to claim that there had been sexual misconduct.

A second woman, Angela Wright, decided not to testify, and instead sent a written statement claiming he had pressured her for a date and made comments about the female form.

A third woman, Suki Hardnett, wrote a letter saying that although he had not harassed her while she was his assistant, she felt that she had been “auditioned as a female” for her position.

Nancy Altman, the woman who shared an office with Thomas, and who testified that she heard almost everything he said for two years, said that she never heard him say anything offensive or harassing. She also questioned the credibility of the claims.

According to the Oyez Project, there was a lack of proof produced at the hearing concerning allegations of sexual harassment or misconduct.

It seems like this democrat hopeful is just hoping to harass Thomas with an impeachment resolution to get votes, frankly.

As far as the multiple accusations of sexual misconduct leveled at President Donald Trump, not one of them has ever been proven, even by a press that spent much of 2016 looking for negative stories about the president.

When it comes to L’Italien’s political positions on the issues, they seem to be the usual coastal leftist positions. She’s in favor (obviously) of the #MeToo movement (and apparently of ignoring the presumption of innocence), and supports what she refers to as ‘common sense gun reform,’ such as banning ‘assault weapons,’ requiring background checks for ammunition purchases, and other similar ideas.

Hilariously, she brags that she will accept no money from the National Rifle Association, a boast that seems laughable when the NRA would probably never willingly give her money.

It seems like this newest push for absurd leftist policies by the coastal liberal is just another attempt to get headlines, whether the claim makes sense or not.