Coast Guard Gets Pay

PUBLISHED: 4:40 PM 30 Dec 2018

Coast Guard Payments Suspended In Shut Down, So Trump Steps In

Instead of flitting off and playing in the sun like top democrats, the president is doing everything he can to make sure people get the pay they need during the government shutdown, including the Coast Guard.

The president stepped in and made sure the Coast Guard was paid for December.

Troubled about the U.S. Coast Guard losing a paycheck this December, President Trump personally got involved and urged his administrators to find a way to meet the $75 million payroll for the month.

It worked.

According to officials, President Trump stepped in on Wednesday, while Nancy Pelosi and other top democrats were playing in the sunshine in swanky resorts, and called on lawyers and staffers to find a way to meet the Coast Guard’s payroll, despite the fact that it’s included in the shutdown.

Officials said that Trump was keen to find a “way we can fix this.”

After he got involved, the Office of Management and Budget, DHS and the Coast Guard determined that the rules governing pay to Coast Guard forces requires it be made through the end of the year.

“To make it, the lawyers said that unused funding could be tapped for pay. The service had a bit more than the needed $75 million left over from its past continuing resolution appropriation, enough to make this month’s last payroll check.”

“The president is trying to make the shutdown as painless as possible for workers, and this case proved it,” an official stated.

The administration was also able to deliver payroll checks to furloughed federal employees for time worked up to the shutdown.

In an email to Coast Guard forces, Vice Commandant Adm. Charles Ray wrote, “This is outstanding news for our military workforce.”

In explaining the temporary solution for the next paycheck, though not subsequent checks should the shutdown drag on, the Coast Guard’s All Hands blog wrote:

“Will Coast Guard members get paid on Dec. 31? Yes, the Administration, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Coast Guard have identified a way to pay our military workforce on Dec. 31, 2018. This one-time action applies to military members that served on active duty in the month of December and those reserve military members that drilled prior to the lapse in appropriation.”

“If you were an active duty military member in December, then you will receive your monthly paycheck on Dec. 31, 2018. That paycheck will include all of the normal pay and allowance benefits (e.g. basic pay, BAH, BAS, etc.).”

“If you were a reservist that served on active duty during the month of December, you will also receive your monthly paycheck on Dec. 31, 2018 and it will include all of your normal pay and allowance entitlements.”

“Finally, if you were a reservist that conducted reserve training prior to Dec. 21, 2018, then you will receive the appropriate pay and allowance entitlements on Dec. 31, 2018.”

“Will I get paid on Jan. 15? This approval only covers the Dec. 31, 2018 paycheck. It does not guarantee a paycheck on Jan. 15, 2019. Meeting active duty and reserve military payroll for January 2019 will require a fiscal year 2019 appropriation, a continuing resolution, or passage of an alternative measure.”

“Why the change from earlier guidance that indicated the Coast Guard military members would not be paid on Dec. 31? Generally, the Coast Guard lacks the authority to pay its members during a lapse in appropriations. The circumstances of this lapse are unique because of the timeline of the lapse in relation to the military pay process. Ultimately, extensive research and legal analysis between the Coast Guard, DHS, and OMB determined the Coast Guard has the authority to execute the remainder of pay and allowances for December.”

“Will retirees get paid? Retirees will get paid Dec. 31. However if this lapse in appropriations continues into February, they may not get paid their future installments. VA payments should not be affected by this lapse in appropriations.”

The action shows that the president is not only a good man, he’s a worker. He’s working to help people during the shutdown, while top democrats could care less.