Acosta Heckled

PUBLISHED: 4:11 PM 1 Jul 2021

CNN’s Acosta Heckled, Booed After Asking Asinine Question At Border

Jim Acosta is a miserable, lying human being, and his hate is on full display.

What a jerk. (Source: YouTube Screenshot)

Yesterday, while President Trump was viewing the border crisis like the real leader he is, Jim Acosta couldn’t help trying to gaslight ignorant idiots. But, he got heckled for his efforts.

The Gateway Pundit reported:

CNN anchor Jim Acosta is obsessed with Donald Trump and made the journey all the way to the US-Mexico border to harass the former president.

HUNDREDS of supporters greeted President Donald Trump and Texas Governor Greg Abbott Wednesday during their trip to the US southern border in Texas.

Jim Acosta got booed by Trump supporters when he asked a question about the January 6 Capitol riot.

Jim Acosta was desperately trying to “get Trump” with a “gotcha” question and he got booed.