CNN Tweets Lie

PUBLISHED: 9:54 PM 18 May 2018

CNN Tweets 22 Shooting Lie, Fueling Gun Ban Narrative

The reports still coming in, but CNN reporters can’t wait to divert attention and spew lies.

It took some tricky and rather misleading figuring to arrive at the number 22.

Before the smoke had cleared, CNN was out spreading fake news concerning “Friday’s school shooting at Santa Fe High School in Texas,” a fact noted by the Daily Caller. They write that both “CNN Chief National Security Correspondent Jim Sciutto and political correspondent Sara Murray” sent tweets saying “that today’s deadly shooting brings the total number of U.S. school shootings this year to 22.”

Not true.

So how does CNN (pronounced “fake news,” the CNN is silent) arrive at this number, parroted by other networks? It is done by “lumping in accidental firearm discharges, domestic disputes, and events that don’t involve students with the active shooter situations.” Someone just writing horror stories or rap lyrics would be counted if cops were called or other criteria were met, for example. Still, the falsity was tweeted with ample glee from the fake news haven.

CNN’s faulty list documents a case in Alabama where a person was simply injured at an on-campus building, an inclusion that makes no sense.

A shooting that made the list from Savannah State University in Georgia was counted even though neither participant was a student!

Also, the anti-Second Amendment group, “Everytown for Gun Safety,” helps pool many of these faulty numbers up in order to concoct a narrative for their cause.

They include in their list (which is larger even the CNN’s) all instances where “a firearm discharges a live round inside a school building or on a school campus or grounds.”

This means that if a school is located in a troubled area and thugs started battling outside, that incident makes the list, even though no students took part or were targeted in any way.

Reports have shown that gun violence is not at the levels that the media likes to pretend that they are. Also, there exist copious amounts of data showing that when innocent lives or property are saved by guns, it is under-reported, if reported at all.

Add to this truth the number of lives (or property) that may have been saved if the victim had possessed a firearm during the incident. This is never talked about.

In place of such talk, real numbers are inflated to look much larger than they really, much like models in a monster movie.

This is the kind of false reporting that liberals use to drum up support against the Second Amendment.

Sadly for CNN and other MSM outlets, everyone can see right through them.